Juggling between work, parties and Netflix is quite a task and getting a solid night’s sleep takes a backseat more often than not. Hence, your face ends up looking dull, tired and lifeless – basically anything but fresh. While three cups of black coffee may take care of your energy levels, they do nothing to combat puffy, bloodshot eyes, and dull skin.

Hence, if you want to avoid the cringe worthy statement, “You look tired”, and fake a good night’s sleep, then we’ve got you covered. A few clever makeup tricks are all you need to mask the tiredness and look fresh as a daisy. The best part is that even if you end up hitting the snooze button a couple times more than you should have, you’ll have plenty of time in the morning for the following tricks to look more awake.

makeup tips that help you look wide awake

Reach for the red lipstick

No, don’t apply it to your lips just yet; use it to cover up dark circles in a jiffy. The red-orange hue cancels out dark circles like nothing else. Simply apply your favourite bright red lippie around your eyes using a clean makeup brush.

makeup tips that help you look wide awake

Cover it up with concealer

Don’t leave the red lipstick on just like that; now go ahead and cover it up with a brightening concealer. Apply this concealer in the shape of an inverted triangle. This is a really simple yet effective way to cover under eye circles and gives your face the illusion of a mini facelift too. Now, isn’t that amazing?

makeup tips that help you look wide awake

Highlight your lids with concealer

Here’s a sure-fire way to look more refreshed instantly – highlight your eyelid and under the brows. This is a great way to give your eyes an instant lift without looking too made up. You can also use white eyeliner to outline your brows to make them pop against dull, tired skin.

makeup tips that help you look wide awake

Curl your lashes

For one of those mornings when you just can’t open the eyes, then reach for your eyelash curler. Using a bigger curler helps define your lashes and makes your eyes appear larger. Blast your curler with your blow dryer for a few seconds before using it for a long-lasting curl.

makeup tips that help you look wide awake

Throw on some blush

Adding a pop of colour to the apples of your cheeks is a tried-and-tested way to look wide awake, fast. Avoid using a powder formula on days when you are tired as they can exaggerate tired and dehydrated looking skin. Instead opt for a soft creamy formula to give your cheeks a healthy, plump flush of colour.

makeup tips that help you look wide awake

Opt for a neutral lipstick

If you have had a really long night and are surviving on very little sleep, please avoid wearing dark coloured lipsticks as they exaggerate your dark circles and puffy eyes. To avoid this problem, choose a pretty pink coloured lipstick that will help you look more fresh and glowing.

Image courtesy: Pinterest and Instagram