You’ll be happy to know that making your face appear slimmer does not necessarily require you to diet or exercise. Thanks to makeup, there are techniques that’ll help you achieve the illusion of a slimmer face without working too hard for it.

While contouring is an excellent method in adding some visual definition to your face, mastering the technique can get a little intimidating. There are many more factors apart from contouring that play a crucial role in giving your face a defined and slimmer look. We’ll tell you how to slim your face, enhance your favourite features and play with proportion – all with makeup. Ready? Let’s begin...


Highlight the apples of your cheeks

Highlight the apples of your cheeks to slim your face

While applying blush directly to the apples of your cheeks will make them appear fuller and more youthful, it is ideal to apply blush to the uppermost area of the apples of your cheeks and slightly around your temples if you want to achieve a slimmer look.


Fake a slimmer nose

Fake a slimmer nose to make your face look slim

To achieve a slimmer nose with the help of makeup, all you need to do is swipe some contour powder down the sides of the bridge and stop before you reach the nostrils. Follow it with blending highlighter down the centre of the bridge of your nose in a vertical line to complete the effect.


Sharpen the jawline

Sharpen the jawline to make your face look slim

Annoyed with your double chin showing up prominently in photos? Well, not anymore! To achieve a more defined jawline, apply bronzer along your jawline and blend the shade to create a seamless contour. Notice the magic this trick will do in hiding your double chin instantly!


Play up your eyes, tone down the lips

Play up your eyes, tone down the lips to make your face look slim

Fuller lips tend to emphasize any roundness on the face. Always play up your eyes, so the rest of your face will appear smaller in comparison. Make full use of eyeliner, eyeshadow and mascara to make your eyes look larger, whereas, a neutral lip hue or a tinted lip balm is ideal for toning down the lips.


Highlight, highlight, highlight

Highlight, highlight, highlight to make your face look slim

Did you know? Playing with light to bring the center of your face forward will help your face look much slimmer. Begin with highlighting the center of your face and then swipe some on your brow bone, on the bridge of your nose, on the Cupid’s bow and on the center of your chin.