5 Unusual Uses Of Finishing Powder We Bet You Didn’t Know About...

Written by Anjali AgarwalSep 16, 2023
5 unusual uses of finishing powder we bet you didn’t know about...

Compact powder or finishing powder is a makeup staple and a go-to product for every beauty babe. It is basically a cult favourite beauty product. It works like a charm for blotting out oil, setting makeup and giving you a matt finish too. But did you know you could use your favourite compact or finishing powder in more ways than one?

Here is how you can make the most of this multitasking makeup hero...


Make it matte

Blush Blunder

Want to turn your favourite glossy lip shade into a matt one? Get hold of your finishing powder, tissue paper and a brush. Apply the lipstick and put a tissue on your lips. Now take loose powder and tab onto the tissue with the help of brush. Remove the tissue and there, gloss to matt in a minute.


Amp up the lash volume

Blush Blunder

For enviable lashes, try coating your lashes with loose powder before applying mascara. It will make your lashes voluminous and plump. Dust some Lakmé  9 to 5 Naturale Finishing Powder on lashes and apply a coat of mascara. Repeat till you get the long fluffy lashes you desire.


So your eyeshadow doesn’t crease

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After priming your eyes, apply some loose powder as a base for your eye makeup to make sure the eyeshadow doesn’t crease and transfer. Also, place some loose powder under eye so that you eyeshadow residue doesn’t ruin your foundation.   


Keep it dry

Blush Blunder

Loose powder can keep not only oily skin but oily hair in check too. In those greasy, bad hair days, your loose powder can work the magic of a dry shampoo. Sprinkle some translucent loose powder onto the scalp to strip the oil away and have clean, oil-free hair.


Blush Blunder

Blush Blunder

Just like the matt lips hack, loose powder can help you tone down any loud makeup you accidently put on. Applied too much blush? Instead messing up the whole makeup with makeup remover or a tissue, dab some loose powder. It will take the colour away and save the day.

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