Mad over matte? We all are! But there are so many rumours floating around about matte lipsticks that you can get confused sometimes.  We took to Instagram and ran a poll recently and asked our BB followers on ‘what are the myths that you have heard about matte lipsticks?’, and got some really interesting answers. Now, we clear all your doubts concerning the matte lippies once and for all. Read on to know more...




Myth: Matte lipsticks darken your lips

Truth: We got a lot of similar doubts and we understand the confusion. Repeat after us, ‘this is a myth, this is not true’. Always use good quality makeup to avoid conditions like hyperpigmentation. Use a lip balm or foundation before applying lipstick to shield your lips and wipe off your lipstick entirely at the end of the day.




Myth: It has more chemicals

Truth: We are happy to report that a number of brands create safe and non-toxic matte lipsticks. It depends on the brand you’re opting for, rather than the texture. Go for a trusted, established lipstick brand and happily pick your matte! 




Myth: It makes your lips dry

Truth: All lipsticks consist of oil, wax and pigment. Their proportion makes the texture different. Matte lipsticks are formulated with less oil than creamy and glossy ones and some ‘long lasting’ lipsticks can make your lips dry. Moisturise before applying matte formulas and you’ll be fine. Try the Lakmé Absolute Matte Ultimate Lipstick range, a moisturising matte with argan oil that doesn’t dry your lips.




Myth: It can crack your lips in winters  

Truth: Winter winds make the lips flaky and chapped. Applying any lipstick on dry lips without treating them with lip care will make it worse. There are lot of factors that can lead to dry; chapped lips and matte lipsticks do not singlehandedly dry your lips. A good matte lipstick can actually nourish and moisturise your lips.