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Written by Manasi RawalgaonkarNov 09, 2016
Metallic hues for the eyes and nails is touted to be a really hot trend and with good reason. We ask three fashionistas to give us their take on all things metallic.
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Niyanta Puri, Designer and DIY Enthusiast
I am not really intimidated by shimmer, so metallic eye makeup gets a yes from me. My smokey eyes are incomplete without metallic silver on the crease; a perfect smokey eye requires metallic shades. I quite like the Jade Pearl and Black Pearl eyeshadow from the Lakmé Absolute Illusions range. I’m not too sure about metallic nail colours as I’m a total glitter girl. The idea of complementing metallic makeup with a shimmery dress sounds good. I’d love to try out a monochrome look with the same shade of metallic eyeshadow and dress when I go clubbing with my friends. This combination should definitely be tried out at night lest you blind people with all the sparkle

Srijeeta Mitra, Writer
I feel that metallic hues look great with Indian skin tones, especially copper, rust and burnt rose. And a little bit of shine and shimmer always makes you stand out from your matte companions. I swear by smokey kohl copper eyes – minimal, gorgeous and makes my eyes pop. Metallic hues should give you a hint of mystery instead of making you look like a disco ball. If I’m wearing a metallic toned dress like say, a gold skirt with a white shirt, I’d like to keep my makeup basic. So the most I’d do is use metallic eyeshadow and keep the rest of my look neutral. Metallic nail polish is something I opt for when I want to really glam up an evening event. Desire, from Lakmé Absolute Illusions Nail Colour is a really cool shade. I whip out metallic eyeshadow for brunch, girls night out or karaoke night at the local pub.

Deepa Sajnani, Fashion Stylist
I feel metallic makeup works best with whites, beige and blacks. I’d definitely complement a cute floral dress with metallic eyeshadow for the day and swap it for a structured black number for the night. Metallic tones on makeup work best only at night and weddings are one occasion where I'd really go all out on metallic make up. Gold eyeshadow is on top of my list. I'd also probably go for some nail art in light metallic nail paints like a glittering lilac or pink.

Pallavi Jain, Makeup Artist at Lakmé Absolute Salon sums it up perfectly when she says, “Metallic is a really cool trend. It goes fabulously well with the Indian skin. Also, most Indians are blessed with almond-shaped eyes and shimmery shades in blue, green and magenta are ideal for them. Of course, blending in silver and black shades is quite a favourite and looks amazing too.”

We love everything metallic. Whether we’re applying the shades to our eyes or our nails, this is one trend we adore. Will you try it out?

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