5 multipurpose makeup products that save you time (and money)

Written by Urvi ShahNov 17, 2021

Before you try to pack your extensive makeup routine into a standard pouch for your one-week trip, or struggle to fit your foundation, moisturiser, and lipsticks into the tiniest pockets of your purse, you should know that there’s a simple solution to your woes. Enter: multipurpose makeup products. These multi-use products do the job of two (or more) products, saving you time and money. Intrigued? We’ve put together a list of five multipurpose makeup products you need to get your hands on right away. So get scrolling and add to cart right away.

01. Lakmé Lumi Cream

A lightweight moisturiser with a hint of highlighter, the Lakmé Lumi Cream is just what you need to achieve a 3D glow. Vitamin C and B6, hyaluronic acid, glycerine and Korean pink pearl extracts are among the illuminating moisturisers’ all-star lineup of ingredients.

02. Lakmé 9to5 Weightless Matte Mousse Lip & Cheek Color

The Lakmé 9 to 5 Weightless Matte Mousse Lip & Cheek Color doubles up as a 2-in-1 lip and cheek colour for versatile use. The lightweight texture feels extremely comfortable on your lip and cheeks. It comes in 20 vibrant matte shades that match all your moods.

03. Lakmé Absolute Infinity Eye Shadow Palette - Midnight Magic

The Lakmé Absolute Infinity Eye Shadow Palette - Midnight Magic eliminates the need to carry multiple eyeshadow palettes to create different looks. Packed with 12 stunning shades that are a mix of mattes and shimmer, it can be used to create virtually any look. And while you’re at it, use one of the darker matte colours to fill in your brows.

04. Lakmé 9to5 Primer and Matte Foundation

Want a long lasting base without slathering on too many products? The Lakmé 9to5 Primer and Matte Foundation Range has come to your rescue. This multipurpose gem comes with an inbuilt primer that ensures your makeup stays put throughout the day. The best bit? It comes in 16 shades that flatters a variety of Indian skin tones.

05. Lakmé Absolute Precision Lip Paint

Let’s admit it. Painting your lips isn’t as easy as it sounds. It requires a steady hand and lots of patience. The Lakmé Absolute Precision Lip Paint lets you paint your lips with unbeatable precision. It comes with an expert lip brush that offers pro-like precision and can also be used to line the lips. It comes in 11 intense velvety matte shades, including a black one for when you’re feeling extremely experimental.