Did you know that the half-moon manicure dates back to the early 30’s when French ladies preferred to do their nails the non-traditional way? Of course, at the time they chose the traditional colour palette of crimson, burgundy, wine and magenta. Today however, we’re not shying away from moving to gold, bronze and even polka dots. If you’re willing to get your nails dirty and spunky, here’s how you can do the half-moon manicure at home.

What you’ll need: Two (or more) nail colours of your choice, clear nail polish, binder stickers (available at any stationery store.) To get started: Like most manicures, make sure you’ve got rid of the dead skin on your hands and your nails are filed thoroughly before you begin. Nailing the half-moon manicure: Start by applying 2 coats of the nail colour you want your half-moon to be i.e. the colour at the base of your nail. (Some people choose to colour their whole nail, we choose to colour just the portion half-moon.) Rest your hands for thirty minutes and allow the polish to dry completely. Next, apply the binder stickers on your fingers and nails such that the curve of the binder sticker forms an arc on your nail (the resulting shape is the half-moon.) Make sure they’re fixed tight leaving no space for bubbles or nail colour to seep through. Take your second colour and apply two coats of it from the sticker and outward to cover your whole nail. Let this dry for about fifteen minutes. Once it’s dry, gently peel off the binder sticker making sure that the nail colour that you first applied isn’t coming off. Now top off your entire nail with a transparent top coat to add some gloss to your half-moon manicure.