There’s more to eyebrow makeup than just fling them in with a pencil! Beauty innovators have answered the increased obsession with brows with a whole new set of products to up the eye makeup game. Eyebrows no longer have to just settle for pencils and pomades. From volumizing gels to heavy-duty primers, these trendy (and practical) products will make you go “Yep, I need that in my life!” Check it out.


01. Tinted eyebrow gel

01.  Tinted eyebrow gel

Eyebrow gels are already known to give you full and fluffy brows. Taking a step further, tinted brow gels can be your answer to cover bald or grey patches in the brow hair. The trick is to first comb your hair downwards with the brush and then comb them upwards and outwards for maximum coverage.


02. Brow shaping wax

02. Brow shaping wax

If you already have naturally dark and bushy brows and just need something to lay down unruly hairs, a brow shaping wax will come in handy. The clear formula won’t weigh down your brow but will lock any strays in place. Plus, they don’t flake after a long day spent out and about running errands!


03. Eyebrow primer

03.  Eyebrow primer

We probably don’t need to say this out loud but any kind of primer — face, lids or brows — will increase the staying power of your makeup. Brow primers are virtually weightless products that are made with conditioning ingredients to keep your brow health optimal and give follow up products a clean base to adhere to.


04. Eyebrow highlights

04.  Eyebrow highlights

For the sake of protecting your eyebrows from the harmful effects of bleaching, we recommend checking out eyebrow highlighters instead! These temporary tints help add some quirky colours to your brows. We hear pastel is the ‘It’ highlighting trend RN!

Main image courtesy: @amandakhamkaew