It goes without saying that a girl loves her makeup. Even more so when that makeup serves a dual purpose – a lip colour that doubles up as a blush, a shimmer shadow that doubles up as a highlighter and so on. So after much trial and error, here are our fave dual use products…

our favourite dual purpose makeup products white liner 430x550

Eyeconic White
We’ve learned our lesson and we’ve learned it well – by no means should you underestimate the power of the Lakmé Eyeconic White Liner. When it first launched, we assumed it was the other half of the hugely popular black liner, but of course, we found ourselves eating humble pie when we saw it being used as more than just a dual-care product. In fact, we’ve seen it being used as eyeliner, an eyeshadow, a kajal, a highlighter and even a pout enhancer. And if we’d have to grade its performance, we’d give it a 100 on 100 without batting an eyelid!

our favourite dual purpose makeup products lip balm 430x550

Lakmé Lip Love
The newly launched Lakmé Lip Love is the perfect combination of colour plus care. Its creamy inner core thoroughly moisturises your lips while the outer swirls adds just the right amount of tint that your lips need. Plus, it comes in four shades – namely, strawberry, cherry, peach and vanilla – and is also enriched with SPF 15, which probably means that this festive season when our beautiful, bejewelled but tiny clutches have no room for both, lip balm as well as lipstick, we’re going to be showing our Lakmé Lip Love some real love.

our favourite dual purpose makeup products eye shadow crayon 430x550

Shadow Crayon
If there’s one product that we’ve got a massive crush on, it’s the Lakmé Absolute Drama Stylist Shadow Crayon that we’ve used as an eyeliner, kajal as well as an eye pencil. Its creamy texture implies that it glides across your lids and stays on for a lot longer than the average duration of your night out. Plus, with all the shades it comes in, you could easily have the entire colour palette covered.