Pimple Concealing Mistakes You Need To Stop Making Rn

Written by Urvi DalalSep 16, 2023
 Pimple concealing mistakes you need to stop making RN

Think pimples stand in the way of achieving a really smooth and flawless base? You’re wrong. Concealing pimples isn’t a task and def doesn’t make your makeup look cakey if you know the right tips and tricks that is.

Yes, really! Read on for a complete breakdown of all the possible mistakes you could be making while concealing your pimples and the solution to fix them.


Mistake #01: Applying too much product

Mistake #05: Skipping the colour corrector

If you think that the secret to flawless pimple concealing lies in applying too much concealer, then you are absolutely wrong. Always remember, for your base makeup to look flawless, you need to use the products very sparingly and gradually build it up to achieve the kind of coverage.


Mistake #02: Not blending enough

Mistake #05: Skipping the colour corrector

Blend-blend-blend… blending is the key to achieving a flawless makeup look. Dot a little concealer on the pimple and then buff it in an outward motion to cover the surrounding skin and delivering a natural, skin-like finish.


Mistake #03: Using your fingers to apply concealer

Mistake #05: Skipping the colour corrector

While your fingers could probably provide a clean finish on clear and blemish-free skin, it is highly advisable to use a concealer brush to cover pimples. Apart from eliminating the risk of spreading infection, a makeup brush uses a lot less product and spreads it a lot more evenly to conceal that pimple without looking cakey.


Mistake #04: Not using primer

Mistake #05: Skipping the colour corrector

Applying primer to your skin as the first step of your makeup routine will definitely make concealing the pimple a lot simpler. This is because a primer helps smoothen out your skin, fill in the pores, and deliver an even texture to layer your makeup on.


Mistake #05: Skipping the colour corrector

Mistake #05: Skipping the colour corrector

When you use a green colour corrector on the pimple and then go ahead with your normal foundation and concealer, you’re thoroughly neutralizing all of the redness to give your skin that really nice and even tone finish.

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