With BBs, CCs and the latest entry on the block, DD creams, it’s hard to decipher which of these products are actually effective. Now that summer has seeped in, BeBEAUTIFUL has set out to crack the truth about primers. Do we really need? Are they worth it? What exactly do they do? Scroll down and decide for yourself if you want to add this step to your morning makeup regime.

What’s so good about it?Most primers are silicon-based, which means that they fill in pores and fine lines which in turn will leave your skin soft and smooth (which is the perfect base you need to flawlessly put on makeup, a must-have especially for the summer). Check. Typically, your skin quickly laps up moisturiser as it gets absorbed. Primer, on the other hand, stays put. As this stays on the surface of the face longer, it acts as a longer-lasting binding agent for your makeup, which means that your makeup actually lasts longer. Check.
It’s a lot lighter than foundation and primers come for all types of skin-types (oily, dry, redness, prone to acne, etc)—additionally, primers don’t add to the moisture and oil levels on your face—something we can’t complain about when we’re battling beads of sweats. So, not only do primers create the perfect base for makeup, they also act as a tool to battle skin woes. Check.So, what’s the problem? The problems are simple. Primers can be expensive. These babies don’t come cheap, especially if you want to opt for a reliable brand. They’re a whole extra step to your morning routine. Let’s face it, between cleaning, toning and moisturising your morning skin must-do list is pretty jam-packed. Is a whole extra step really necessary? Well, they’re packed with some serious chemicals. If you’re more of a natural aficionado, this is definitely something that you need to give some thought to. So, what’s the verdict? If you can find a primer that works for you and you’re particular about your makeup—go for it. There’s no denying that adding a primer to your beauty routine is going to get you one step closer to that polished look. You can also be smart about your primer and use it on nights out when you need to look your exceptional best and stick to your routine on the daily—that way you can save the bucks, time and effort and still look fabulous when you need to. Check, check and check!