Product cocktailing: Create customised beauty products in a jiffy!

Written by Anjali AgarwalJan 13, 2020

Has your daily beauty routine got too boring and tedious lately? Let’s mix things up a little.

No, literally. Product cocktailing is a beauty method wherein you can customise your beauty products by mixing up two or more compatible products. It helps you create a product that meets your beauty needs without buying every goddamn mousse, cream and serum under the sun.

It also helps you get just the result you need without using layers of products and cuts down the time you spend on your lengthy makeup and hair routines. Here are some beauty products you can cocktail to make your everyday beauty routine efficient and customised.

Moisturiser + sunscreen

A moisturiser should always be followed up with SPF. Merge the two steps in one and get the job done in seconds. Take a dollop of your moisturiser and sunscreen each on your palm and apply the blend of it on your face to hydrate your skin and protect it from free radical damage in one smooth slather. The two creamy formulas mix like a dream and give you a layer of moisture and shield you from the sun in one go.

Foundation + highlighter

Ever wondered how celebrities get that glow-from-within look? We have cracked the case. Here is a trick that will not only give you a glowing base but also save you some precious minutes in your daily makeup routine. Mix some drops of your liquid highlighter with your foundation and apply it on your face for luminous looking skin.

Hair serum + curl defining cream

Third-day hair isn’t Insta-worthy as it is and the million hair products weighing it down certainly don’t help. Instead of piling on hair products, blend your serums, stylers and detangling spray to get flawlessly smooth, shiny and luscious mane in just one go. You can mix some shine-boosting serum with your curl-defining cream or an anti-frizz serum with detangling spray and style your hair without weighing it down.

Moisturiser + BB cream

For seamless (and quicker) base makeup, skip the layering and pack a blend of BB cream and moisturiser on your face. Mixing your BB cream with a little amount of moisturiser makes the application easier and smoother, and gives you a sheer and natural finish. Not to mention, it sure saves time on those rushed mornings.

Liquid blush + liquid highlighter

To get the rosy sheen on your cheeks, you don’t have to spend on a luminous blusher. All you need to do is cocktail your cheek tint and your highlighter and get a radiant flush in seconds. On the back of your hand, take two drops of cheek tint and one drop of highlighter, blend and swirl it on the apple of your cheeks and cheekbones.