Perfectly lined, full lips and a razor sharp winged line are what good makeup skills are made of. But not all of us are blessed with a steady hand to line our lips or ace that stunning winged eyeliner. Does that mean our seflies don’t deserve to look nuclear? Not at all! If you often end up getting lipstick all over the place or don’t know how to line your lips with precision, this simple trick is going to save you a lot of time and disasters.

No matter how good your lipstick applicator is, it is always hard to reach the corners of your mouth and apply precisely. But not when you have this trick up your sleeve. All this trick requires, is the most common item found in every household – Q tips!

You will need:

  • Clean Q-tips
  • Your favourite lipstick

Q tip lipstick application hack

Step 1: Open your mouth slightly and place a Q-tip in between your lips. Hold it with your teeth to keep it in place.

Step 2: Take your liquid lipstick or lip liner and start lining the bottom lip first, right up till the corner.

Step 3: Now make a cross on your cupids bow, line and fill the rest of your upper lip.

Step 4: Once you have filled in your lips remove the Q-tip.

Step 5: The first few times you might still make some mistakes, but you can use the same Q-tip swab to quickly wipe the extra smudges away!

Picture courtesy: Pinterest