Imagine this—it’s Friday night and you’re late to a party. What’s worse, you notice you’ve run out of a few of your trusty beauty essentials. Now you’re in no mood to dress up, let alone head out and meet people. Breathe! You’re not alone! We’ve all been there, done that. But this time, we’ve figured a way out!

Truth be told, some products are super essential and it feels like you just can’t function without them. Thankfully, we’ve rounded up three genius beauty hacks that will help you get through any beauty emergency.

Situation #1: Ran out of an eyeliner?

Yes, we know this scenario all too well, don’t we? The next time you face a similar situation and assuming that you have a mascara in your beauty kit, just grab an angular makeup brush and swipe some mascara on the tip of the brush to use it as an eyeliner.

Situation #2: Forgot to carry an eyebrow gel?

Those pesky unruly brow hairs can be so annoying. So if you forget to carry your trusty eyebrow gel, no sweat. Just take some mascara onto a fresh spoolie and brush it over your eyebrows. The mascara will not just fill in sparse areas, but will also help tame brow hairs.

Situation #3: Forgot to carry blush?

We all know that lipsticks can be used in multiple ways – but did you know it can act as a substitute for blush? So the next time you forget to pack your favourite blush, simply dab a light tinted lipstick on your cheeks. Dab a wet sponge over the blush for a natural and seamless look.

Trust these beauty hacks to rescue you from a beauty emergency.