Fresh off the Fashion Weeks, we’re still in love with most of the looks we saw on the runway. Totally awestruck and a bit confused, we began to wonder, could real girls like us wear our hair like models? Would our faces ever look just as peachy fresh as theirs did? We needed proof! And so we brought in makeup artist Pallavi Jain and ace hair stylist Shailesh Moolya to help us find the answer to this oh-so-common question…

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Our everyday girl Shruti Jhaveri tells us, “I never apply any makeup on my face. In fact, I only ever use foundation and lipstick when I have to go for a wedding! And yes, my hair always looks like this. If it’s not this, I’ll usually just scrunch it up.”

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Pallavi Jain prepped Shruti's face with the Lakmé CC Cream. Since she’s blessed with good skin (she thanks her genes!) there was almost no need for concealer except a slight dab under her eyes.

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After detailing her poppers with some barely there Eyeconic Black Liner and nude eyeshadow, it was time to add some volume to her lips and fill them in with the most flattering shade of coral. We went with the Orange Tease shade in the Lakmé Pop Tints.

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Next, Shailesh Moolya, the ace hair stylist from the Lakmé Absolute Salon stepped in to give Shruti a classy, summer do that looked straight out of the Grecian goddesses’ beauty book.


To get this look, take the front section of your hair, backcomb it and pin it behind. Take sections of the rest of your hair, twist them tight and loosely pin them at the back of your head, above and beneath each other till you’ve covered your entire head.


Retouch your lip colour and voila! A supermodel after our own hearts! Says our real girl Shruti, “I had no idea I could look like this. I feel like a model, something I aspired of being when I was small. Thanks to Pallavi and Shailesh, I learnt a few tricks today so I’m definitely going to try it on my own!”