#Redsforall Shades And Sizes This Festive Season: The Top 5 Red Lipsticks

Written by Anushka ShahOct 20, 2022
#RedsForAll Shades and Sizes this Festive Season: The Top 5 Red Lipsticks

Wear that daring red lipstick and flaunt it like you deserve to with Lakme’s sensational range of fiery shades. Choose your perfect match from here! 

In a world that’s too afraid to unleash their bold and vivacious sides, be you and be beautiful by expressing your dynamism through the lipstick you choose to wear. Associated with stereotypes, and “apparently” only reserved for the fair and fabulous, in actuality this iconic colour loves us all. It’s for the mothers, the brothers, the women who have buried their youth, and the youthful ones who are soon to be adults, and the adults who are too shy, and the bold ones who are never tried to try. It’s for those with darker skin and also those who wish to be thin, it’s a colour that suits us all -- even the ones we can’t pick and pin.  

Red Lipstick for a Festive Flavour – The Top 5 

The special days do call for special  looks, and to embrace it all, a red lipstick; the ingredient to compliments, should be on your shopping list. And to save you ladies, the searching and shopping stress, we’ve curated a list of 5 sensational red lipsticks that you need to introduce to your makeup arsenal.    

1. Lakmé Absolute Matte Ultimate Lip Colour with Argan Oil in Sinful Cherry

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Wear your red like a crown, fearlessly and with a touch shimmer. To embrace all those princess feels, we swear by Lakmé’s Absolute Matte Ultimate Lip Colour with Argan Oil in Sinful Cherry.  

Made for the conscious divas who love their glam with a little lip TLC,  this unfailing lipstick goes a long way. Giving you that picture perfect and healthy pout, this product is infused with goodness of argan oil; the perfect lip moisturiser. Plus, it isn’t sticky on the lips, (and we all know the wind struggles) and glides on like a dream. Complementing all Indian skin tones, this is perfect for the upcoming festivities. And I’ve already added this baby to my cart. What about you?  

2. Lakmé Absolute Matte Melt Liquid Lip Colour – Firestarter Red 

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If you’re wearing a heavy Indian look - I mean, who doesn’t love those #desigirl vibes or are going in for that simple makeup look (we have Alia Bhatt to thank for that) - you can amp it both up with just one product - red lipstick. And in this case, not just any red lipstick, it’s the one and only Lakmé Absolute Matte Melt Liquid Lip Colour in Firestarter Red. Created with precision and with Rosehip Oil, tis the perfect combination of matte + moisturisation. Plus, it’s a transfer-proof formula so you can kiss this cup stains goodbye - quite literally. And that’s not it,  its impeccable applicator allows you to have that defined cupid's bow with ease; exactly what’s trending on the ‘gram! So, make way for supple matte lips and of course, that perfect pout.  

3. Lakmé 9to5 Primer + Matte Lipstick – Red Coat 

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Here’s a lipstick that I’ve stuck with for the past decade and tbh, it’s stuck with me too…*drumroll* the Lakmé 9to5 Primer + Matte Lipstick in Red Coat.  For starters, it has built-in primer (yes, you read right) that smoothes your lips to give you a crease-less finish. It is also smudge-proof and waterproof, which means if you’re having messy evenings with drinks, don’t worry for the colour won’t add to the drama. And to only make it better, it has two essential oils; E and Argan oil to nourish your lips as you get ready for hectic festivities. So even bingeing on those delectable delicacies (why not?) or are chatting with your favourite cousins, this red lipstick won’t stop charming.  

4. Lakme Absolute Matte Revolution Lip Colour – Blushing Red 

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We’ve all wanted those Kylie Jenner lips, matte and voluminous and if you’re still lurking in that phase (I truly am), get your hands on the Lakme Absolute Matte Revolution Lip Colour in Blushing Red. Pigmented to the T, this long-wear bullet lipstick, glides on your lips like butter, giving you that instant glam, owing to its deeply hydrating raspberry seed oil. So, whether it’s those last minute parties or social poojas, don’t compromise on putting your A game on with this red lipstick.    

5. Lakmé 9to5 Primer + Matte Lipstick – Maroon Mix  

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Experiment with your lip look and get your ‘cray on’ with the Lakmé 9to5 Primer + Matte Lipstick – Maroon Mix. Bringing to you that intense matte look, this maroon magic exudes those ultra-creamy and super smooth vibes. So much so, it’s easiness comes with no-fuss and zero complex application. Just open and apply. And once done, you don’t have to worry about cracking lips or flakiness for it ensures your lips are always supple and kiss-ready!  

How to Rock the Red Lips Look?   

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Now that we’ve told you about all the best red lipsticks in town, it’s time for you to paint the town red…with a few dos and don’ts. After all, if you're getting your party mode on with a fiery hue, you got to be careful. Which is why, we’re about to spill saucy beans. So, take notes! 

Mistake #1  

Considering this colour is out there a little off track hue spill can make a big impact. And to do away with this BIG no-no factor, you got to keep a cleaning method handy. By which, we don’t mean tissue and micellar water but right concealer and blending brush. If you notice that your lipstick has moved a bit out of your lips, creating that blotchy effect, dab some concealer on from where you clean up.  

Also, red lipstick draws attention to the other annoyed and aggravated areas of your face; so if you have any rashes or pimples you’re trying to hide, ensure they’ve been patted with foundation, concealer and setting powder so that they don’t get that unwanted spotlight.  

Mistake #2 

Unlike what you do regularly with the lip liner and lipstick order, when playing with red, the rules are a bit reversed. First comes lipstick and then, liner. Wonder why? Well, here’s the intel. When pouring this sharp colour, its brightness decides whether an overline is required or not and if yes, then how much and from where? A little upper bulge from the cupid’s bow, an extending lower lip or thicker upper lips. Once you’ve added the colour to the inner zones of your lips, you’ll be quick to judge the lip liner angle! And more importantly, whether the lip lines you have is the right shade for your red lipstick.  

Mistake #3 

While most women get the chills while talking about red lipstick because they assume it doesn’t suit their skin. Well, maybe a particular shade of red wasn’t the perfect match but that doesn’t mean the right one for you doesn’t exist! Which is why understanding your undertone before purchasing lipstick is very essential. For instance, if you have a warm undertone, orange-y reds will look incredible on you and if you have a cooler undertone, blue-based reds are your perfect partner. So, speed up and enjoy the red lipstick for you. 

FAQs about Red Lipstick  

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Q1 What is the best way to apply lipstick? 

A1 Although we’ve been taught that swiping the lipstick on your lips is the right way to get that stellar pout, it actually hinders the deposition process. Which is why, using a lipstick brush is necessary. Take some of the lipstick pigment on your brush and stroke it on your lips until no empty spaces are visible and your lips’ are perfectly outlined.  Once done, you’re party ready.  

Q2 How do I still use my red lipstick if it is drying? 

In such cases, don’t discard your red lipstick - instead go with a nourishing cream under your lipstick. If you can’t choose which hydration solution to pick, stick by the unfailing  Vaseline Lip Therapy Lip Balm Tin.  

Q3 How do I define my cupid’s bow? 

If you’re using a red bullet lipstick, defining your cupid’s bow may seem tough. So, get your hands on a curved defining bush, this bendable applicator will seamlessly trace your lips to give them a fuller illusion.  

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