We’re so quick to represent the colours of the Indian flag via our ethnic ensembles on Republic Day, but why restrict these colours to one aspect of our look? From lending a dash of blue to your standard winged-eye look to sweeping a hue of orange on the lips, there’s so much you can experiment with this Republic Day 2022! Here are a few ways you can incorporate a little bit of colour into your look.


01. The much-coveted green-eye trend

The much-coveted green-eye trend

Image Courtesy:  @byrdie

It’s drippin’ green. Literally. We’re seeing green grace the eyes now more than ever. From Dua Lipa debuting a shade of green on her lids in a photo dump on Instagram to burgeoning icon Olivia Rodrigo promoting her newest album with a hue of pea-green on the eyes, green is setting the tone for a lot of looks this year. Just sweep a little bit of the colour across your lids, and that’s about it. A pop of green is enough to bring out your look.


02. The half-orange eyelid

The half-orange eyelid

Image Courtesy: @popsugar

Pack a punch by dabbing a pop of orange around the inner corners of your eyes. Start by drawing a dramatic wing centred around the outer lids. To create an elongated look, don’t extend the liner too much toward the centre of the eyes. And for a little bit of shimmer, add a touch of rose-gold glitter to the lids. Mix some of the rose gold shimmer with your orange eyeshadow this time, and pack them into the inner corners. Blend. And that’s it!


03. The double-wing

The double-wing


Image Courtesy: @wattpad

Border your usual black wing with a stroke of white. This will bring out your eyes in the most beautiful way. And you can sweep a little bit of orange on the lips to capture the essence of the day. Simple, no?


04. The whisper of blue

The whisper of blue

Image Courtesy: @blncdbeauty

Instead of going all out with bold shades, why not try a softer shade of blue? Create a wing with the lightest shade of the colour, and accentuate the 'v' of the inner-corners just a little bit as well.

Main Image Courtesy: @byrdie and @facetracebeauty