A huge shout-out to browaholics! If you’re obsessed with eyebrows (just like every other millennial out there), then you’ve come to the right place.

Over the years, eyebrows have undergone a tremendous makeover. Thin, round brows have been replaced by thicker, fuller arched brows, thanks to beauty influencers and Bollywood trendsetters. Today, when we look at a Deepika Padukone or a Katrina Kaif, we cannot help but envy their strong AF eyebrow game.   

If you’re someone who seldom brushes her hair, but never steps out without brushing her eyebrows, we have a little treat in store for you. Here’s a simple but uber dramatic eyebrow hack that will give you the brows of your dreams.

simple eyebrow hack

The hack

When it comes to shaping your brows, most girls only focus on the arch and the method of filling them in. Well, here’s a BIGGER and BETTER hack! You’ll be surprised to know that simply bringing your eyebrows slightly closer together is what makes a huge difference to your entire facial structure. All you need to do is take your eyebrows further in by a few millimeters. Yes, it’s literally that easy!

And once you’ve brought your brows closer together, your nose will automatically look slimmer too. Who knew, right? So, no contouring required there. Win-win!

Follow the below tips to bring your brows closer together:

  • Want your brows to create dimension? Use a slightly lighter shade on the inside of your brows and a darker hue for the middle and tale-end. This will prevent your eyebrows from looking too blocky.
  • While bringing both your eyebrows closer, there are chances that they won’t start at exactly the same place. To be on the safer side, just bring in one of your brows.
  • You can use any brow product—pomade, gel, pencil or powder, to draw the brow hairs on.
  • Once you’ve got your brows closer together, take a step back and look at yourself in the mirror from a distance. By doing this, you’ll be able to notice if your brows are truly balanced and even.

Image courtesy: Instagram