Makeup For Teens: 5 Simple Tips And Tricks Every Teenager Should Know

Written by Sanya HamdaniSep 16, 2023
Makeup for teens: 5 simple tips and tricks every teenager should know

Teenage years can be quite stressful - you are juggling between college, friends, events, assignments and extra-curricular activities. This is a time when you are battling hormonal acne and also introduced to the world of makeup.

Your skin is delicate and might react badly to certain products. Therefore, it’s necessary to ensure your skin stays protected as you explore the wide range of beauty products. We have gathered five tips and tricks that every teenager will benefit from. So are you ready to dive into the world of makeup?


01. Skin prepping is important

05.	Picking the right shade is vital

Skincare and makeup go hand-in-hand. In order to get the perfect makeup finish, it is important to prep your skin first. After cleansing your skin with a face wash, apply a lightweight moisturiser and sunscreen before putting on any sort of makeup. This will ensure your skin stays moisturised as well as protected.


02. Less is more

05.	Picking the right shade is vital

Always remember that less is more. As a teenager, you should look for makeup products that can multitask. For example, a BB cream such as the Ponds White Beauty BB+ Cream moisturises your skin, offers UV protection and hides spots instantly for even-looking skin. This way you won’t have to follow an elaborate routine yet get the results you are looking for.


03. Opt for a lip gloss or lip balm

05.	Picking the right shade is vital

Instead of spending your time deciding which lipstick shade to wear, simply pick a lip balm or lip gloss and apply it on your lips. The Lakme Lip Love Chapstick is perfect for every teenager, it keeps your lips moisturized for a long time and gives it a beautiful and natural tint. If you don’t have a blush, you can rub your fingertip over the chapstick and gently dab on your cheeks to get a flushed look.


04. Eyeliner is optional

05.	Picking the right shade is vital

When done with precision, eyeliner can look amazing. But instead of standing in front of the mirror every morning trying to perfect that winged eyeliner, you can skip it altogether for now. With your active lifestyle, you may find it difficult to keep it in place all day. 


05. Picking the right shade is vital

05.	Picking the right shade is vital

If you do plan to buy a foundation for special occasions, remember that you need to opt for a shade that’s closest to your skin tone. Swatch it around the jawline to identify the shade properly, also check the shades in sunlight to see how it actually looks on your skin.

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