It’s time to do away with the done-and-dusted beauty tricks (we’re talking about you, rose water) and give the not-so-common skin and beauty hacks a go instead! (Everyone deserves one shot at great skin minus the dermats and peels, huh?) Here are the six we’re going to be trying this weekend…

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A popular celeb DIY to ensure that your makeup sets well is to apply it, step into the bathroom and turn on the hot shower (but don’t stand under it.) The steam and humidity help the makeup set better and also makes your skin appear plump and dewy.

6 beauty tricks you must try 430x550

Headed out and noticed a zit on your face? Beat it with some nasal spray. When sprayed on, the vasoconstrictors from the liquid immediately shrink your blood vessels to reduce the blood supply to the zit. The result? Reduced redness and inflammation.

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How much can you rely on mascara to give your lashes the volume they need? After a point it’s only going to clump up. Instead, treat your lashes to some flaxseed oil every night before you go to bed. The oil is rich in Omega 3 that stimulates the growth of those lovely, long, desirable lashes sans mascara.

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When it comes to food as well as beauty, honey really is the golden elixir. If your skin’s giving you trouble – rashes, slight acne, irritation and red patches – apply a tablespoon of honey on your face, leave it on for a few minutes and wipe off with a lukewarm cloth. The anti-inflammatory properties in honey make for an instant soothing solution to reduce redness and inflammation.

6 beauty tricks must try 430x550

Binged a tad too much and need to head somewhere? Here’s a quick solution. To half a glass of water, add a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, mix and drink up. The enzymes in the vinegar will start acting within a few minutes and beat the bloating.

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Lack of attention and way too much nail varnish can actually damage the cuticle of your nail. If you can’t get a manicure regularly, make it a habit to apply some Vaseline petroleum jelly on an unflavoured lip balm on the nail bed before you go to sleep. It’ll help heel, protect and hydrate the cuticle resulting in stronger nails.