Skittles Nail Art Is The Just Playful Manicure Trend We’ve Been Waiting For

Written by Sumona BoseSep 16, 2023
Skittles nail art is the just playful manicure trend we’ve been waiting for

There is a reason you’ve been spotting colourful, mismatched manicures all over your Insta feed. Popular nail trends have thrown the rule book out of the window and most of them can be worked around to suit any kind of creative mood you are in — the Skittles manicure trend being the best example of that. \

The trend, which derives its name from the multicoloured, fruit flavoured candy, calls for wearing different colours on each nail. Almost as if you dipped your hand into a bag of Skittles and pulled it out with a bunch of different colours stained on your nails. If that little anecdote is not enough to swell your heart with joy, we don't know what is!

Having said that, the best part about this Insta-famous trend is that you can wear it in many different ways. Whether it's gradient shades or covered with cute nail art, Skittle nails can be a true show of your unique creativity. As for the styles that are our fave, we have compiled them below for you to browse and get inspired from...


01. Filtered chrome

06. Dotted cuties

Image courtesy: @nailsbymh \

Let’s accept it: Skittles nail in chrome art is the right kind of OTT you need in your life. The fact that we are stepping into the festive season is all more reason you need to give this glitzy manicure a try.


02. Pastel gloss

06. Dotted cuties

Draw up a list of your favourite pastel shades and then carefully mix and match them for your nails. Choose a glossy finish to counter the otherwise minimal charm of the pastel shades.

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03. Denim desire

06. Dotted cuties

Image courtesy: @oliveandjune

Love matching your manicure with your outfits? Skittles nail will have you covered there! Match the colours of your polishes — whether they are solid denim shades or vibrant candy-coloured ones — to the colours in your OOTD to create a ‘gram-worthy moment.


04. Forest fairy

06. Dotted cuties

Image courtesy: @betina_goldstein

Green Skittles might not be everyone’s favourite colour, but the manicure inspired by it sure will be! We love these nature-inspired shades in a matte finish. They are perfect for switching up from your usual reds and pinks.


05. Neutral tones

06. Dotted cuties

Image courtesy: @thisislaurendavis

The Skittles manicure can be done with neutral tones as well. Classic muted tones like beige, cream, blushed pink and even matte whites will look so good with your everyday casuals.


06. Dotted cuties

06. Dotted cuties

Image courtesy: @nailartbysig

Like painting your nails in different hues of pastel wasn’t fun enough, add single polka dots on each nail to elevate your manicure. Not only is it super cute, but also adds a dash of edginess to your whole manicure.

Main image courtesy: @imarninails

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