Many of us have been endlessly asked, "Why do girls go to the restroom together?" In case you didn't know the answer, let us enlighten you. It actually means we are discussing the cute guy who just walked in, giving each other pep talks and reality checks, having heart to hearts or..... sharing makeup. While much of this is a must-do for friendship and bonding sessions, we have some news ladies. Sharing makeup can actually be harmful to your skin and hygiene. Following are some beauty tips on hygiene and a list of products you should NEVER share with anyone –
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Lip-gloss and lipsticks

We know there is always that shade your friend has that goes better with what you are wearing, but trust us the health risks it puts you in is not worth it.  Lips are very sensitive, so dermatologists strictly recommend not sharing any cosmetics. Sharing lip-glosses and lipsticks can transmit oral herpes, cold sores and other oral diseases from an infected person.

Eyeliner and Mascara

Yes! Sometimes you just carry a common one in a group when you go out. Avoid doing that! Pink eye and styes are the most common transferrable eye infections and it increases the risk of contracting other infections like conjunctivitis that causes a reddening of the eye, thick white discharge and swelling. You can also get a stye, a painful bacterial infection of the eyelash from sharing mascaras and eyeliners.

Stick foundations and makeup applicators

Okay these are the worst! Never share anyone’s products if it touches their skin directly like makeup brushes, stick foundations, concealer sticks etc.  These are the leading causes of acne and various other skin infections like ringworm and diseases caused by transmitted germs.

So ladies keep yourself safe, avoid sharing makeup and clean out your makeup products regularly.

Stay safe, stay beautiful..


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