Unhappy with the shape of your lips? Find them too thin and looking for the Angelina Jolie pout? Fret not. You do not have to reach out to that surgical procedure or spine curdling needles to get the shape you want. With a few makeup tips and tricks of the wand, the illusion of perfect lips will be yours to have and for all to see.
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If you want fuller lips, here’s what you should do:
If you have the most basic skills...
Opt for light coloured lipsticks. Choose lipsticks that are moist and have a reflective quality to them. This will highlight your lips and give them illusion of appearing bigger without much fuss and effort. Apply a light layer of gloss to the same for fuller lips. It’s so easy to do—even the most unskilled person can get this right!
If you have good skills...
If you have the skills and are willing to practice, here’s how you can have fuller lips with dark colours. Apply a light layer of base to the edges of your lips, thus blurring out the lines and giving you a clean slate to start with.
Use a lip liner similar to the shade of your lips. Do not opt for dark lip liners or colours of the lipstick that you will be wearing. Keep it natural.
Line your lips just above your natural lip line. Make a cupid’s bow at the top of your lips and then draw a line towards the corners of your lips, taking care to keep it slightly rounded.
Fill in the lips taking care to draw over your pencilled lip line as well. And there you have it!
For the makeup whiz...
And if you are really very skilled, try this.
Take a white pencil or shadow and add over your cupid’s bow. This highlights the area and automatically makes your lips appear plumper.
Alternately, take a dark lip pencil (2 or 3 shades darker than your natural colour) and add just below the centre of your bottom lip line. This creates a shadow in that area and once again makes your lips appear fuller than what they are. Remember though… The key word here is to blend.
Here’s to fuller lips without the surgery. Cheers!
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