Don't we all get flattered by women who look good just about anywhere, who manage those flaws perfectly at any time of the day? Well….it’s time to be one of those women, who know how to do the trick, just right. An average woman hardly gets any time to dress up in the morning, and eventually as the day progresses the morning freshness starts wilting away. Running errands? Need a makeup fix in an elevator or cab?? Have no fear because it's time to get back that pretty face in just a few minutes. All you need are a few not-so-burdensome products in your bag sans those bulky MAKEUP BRUSHES! The essential requirement of the hour is minimum makeup time and maximum perks.
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1. Start by dismissing the main cause of lifelessness on your face–OIL and DIRT! You don't need to search for a washroom. Wet wipes come to the rescue. Blot the oil and dirt away.

Remember: Tap the wipes gently making sure to not drag them on your face. Your face demands love and tenderness.

2· Apply a little moisturiser/sunscreen (with minimum SPF 20) to gain that supple skin back.

3· Quickly and smoothly conceal puffed under-eyes and our tiny little friends here and there on a small visit (yes, we do mean pimples and acne) with a concealer/foundation that matches your skin tone. Simply dab the concealer with your finger tips and blend well into your skin, thus covering all blemishes and marks.

4· Add a little kajal or eyeliner to brighten up your eyes, but you always have the option to go au naturel to avoid different laying it on too thick.

5· Now it’s time to seal the concealer. For this you need either transparent powder (with or without shimmer) or blush in tones of pink or brown. Take a small amount on the back of your hand and apply with your fingers onto the apples of your face to give them an almost natural flush.

6· Last step but one that is most fun….pick your favourite lip colour and dab your lips almost like a stain. You don't need to work much on the shape. Go over it with a gloss to make them shine.

7· And finally, the most important of all the steps is to “SMILE” and wear your face with confidence.


1. Carry a few earbuds in case of smudged kajal/ kohl . They save you from spreading it even more.

2. Avoid mascara if you're REALLY in a hurry. They might make your eyes look more tired.


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