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Written by Fleur Xavier and Nethra RaghuramanNov 11, 2016
As your skin ages, it becomes thinner and drier, develops lines and makeup does not sit on your face as it did before. Here are a few beauty tips you need to aware of so as to make the best of the situation.
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1. Before applying makeup, the cardinal rule is to moisturise your face well. Massage the face well with the moisturiser and let your skin absorb it for five minutes before applying a primer, Concealer or foundation.

2. As skin ages, it sometimes gets an uneven tone. It’s best to use a primer before using any foundation as it helps to even out the skin tone.

3. Since skin tends to get a bit dry as you grow older, it’s best to use creamy foundations with SPF or CC Creams vs. matte foundations.

4. Concealer should be applied sparingly and blended well into the undereye area so that it does not cause lines. It’s best to use lightweight, liquid concealers.

5. Dust the face lightly and evenly with translucent powder to settle the foundation and concealer, but do not cake the powder onto the skin as it will leave lines around your eyes and make the face look patchy.

6. Try not to use too much kohl or dark eyeshadow under the eyes as it can smudge further and can even make faint bags under your eyes appear more prominent. It also can make you look like you have dark circles. If you want to do smokey eyes, create the look on the upper lids. Line the lower waterline with kohl and smudge lightly with a brown or grey shadow vs. a black one.

7. As for lipsticks, try not to use very dark shades, since it can make you look harsher.

You should continue to look amazing and let age fade away into the background. Age is but a number and it should remain just that!



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