History repeats itself and so does fashion! Bringing back the 90s trend of matching your makeup to your outfit, this style was popularised on the runway during the Winter/Festive 2014 shows and was picked up by various designers. Contrast gone – Monochrome in. And this trend looks super-hot when done right. Celebrities like Kareena Kapoor, Parineeti Chopra, Rihanna and Poppy Delevingne, are often seen pulling off this style. From reel to real – try out this look for yourself and you’ll surely grab all eyes on you!
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Rules to Follow

  • Your makeup should always match the spirit of your outfit.
  • Go by the cardinal rule of focusing on one feature, be it your eyes, your lips or your cheeks, and let the colour of your outfit be the deciding factor.
  • For a multi-coloured outfit or one with patterns, opt for a less obvious colour from the dress, and in case of a solid coloured outfit, choose the matching shade for makeup but in a slightly dull tone.
  • Colours like purple, teal and emerald hues go well with the eyes whereas rich reds and pinks work best on the lips.
  • In case of a blue or green dress you should focus on the eyes, with a liner, shadow or mascara of the same colour.

Going for a richer colour for makeup on a subtle dress and adding shimmer/ highlighter in the inner corner of the eyes makes it feel more dressy and festive. However, make sure that the rest of your face makeup is neutral and only a single colour is highlighted and you are not decked up head-to-toe in one shade. Scale it back a bit while keeping it funky fresh.

The key with any new makeup trend is to start small and build your way up before going with something too bold. Stay away from colours that do not complement your natural coloration, which is your eye colour, hair colour and complexion, while at the same time making sure you don’t treat your face like a colour palette. You can even use your nail colour as an accessory and all you need is heaps of confidence to rock the style with ease.


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