Nails have never before been so much in focus. Gone are the days when it was all about just one solid boring colour….Red…yawn….That’s so old-school. Baby pink…. Sheesh…. Can we get a little more innovative? And that’s just what we got. Nail art is at its creative best currently. Check out these rad nail fashions that are very easy to do and get with the programme.
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Lesson No 1: It’s all about the bling!

Right from metallic nail paints and glitter to something as dazzling as rhinestones and crystals – If you are looking for something to shimmer and shine in, this is what will get you there. All you need are some glue and stones and you are good to go. Application is best done with a tweezer.

Lesson No 2: Bring out your inner animal!

Grrr or purr…. It’s all about how wild you want to get. Animal print nails are so hot this season. Difficult to actually self execute, we suggest buying stickies from the store and hey presto, you’ve got claws baby…..

Lesson No 3: Why go solo when you can opt for 2?

Dual nail colours are trending right now. Graphic with black and white or block coloured with orange and blue, the combinations are as free-flowing as the paint on an artist’s palette. All you need to do is paint your nail one colour and let it dry. Apply stickers or band aids on half of your nail and paint the exposed half another colour. Simple!



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