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Written by Fleur Xavier and Nethra RaghuramanAug 29, 2016
Just how much makeup do you need to have? Is it a vanity case full like the professionals or is that a tad too much? On the other hand, if you are roaming around with just eyeliner and a lipstick, do you think that’s a bit too little? There’s a middle ground somewhere. There’s a kit that can be put together that will take you from day to night without you having pay excess at the airport counter. Here are a few essentials that you must have in your make up kit.
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Either one of the two or both will work. If your face is clear enough, stick to concealer and if you need added coverage, use foundation as well.

LRT Tip: Do not buy bottles or tubes that are large in size. Opt for brands that sell smaller sizes. This helps keep your makeup kit small and you don't have to feel bad about throwing away makeup after a bit. It’s best to buy a foundation and powder compact combination from brands that sell it.

Eyebrow pencil
If you utilise an eyebrow pencil with a brush attached, it is much more convenient. But if you prefer powder, then you will need a slanted eyebrow brush to go along with it.

LRT Tip: If you’re using powder for the eyebrows, buy a black/brown combination that can double up for contouring or shading of the eyes as well.

You do not need a whole palette. Trust us. Most of the times, the colours lie unused. What you do need to do is to realistically understand how much eye makeup you wear and accordingly make those purchases. But on an average, a metallic shade of gold or silver will suffice. A black and brown one for contouring (which is already in your eyebrow palette) and at the very most, a favourite colour that you would love to use. You will be able to achieve a great many eye looks with just these, depending on how dark or how light you want your eyes to be.

LRT Tip: Remember, you can even use a powder blush sometimes on your eyelids for a soft peach or pink look. There is no need to buy every shade in the market. Just use the products you have and get creative.

Eye pencils
Black and brown eye pencils should be enough here. But if you would like, make one more purchase of a colour you would normally wear like a green or a blue.

Once again, black eyeliner is all you need. A brown or coloured liner is optional according to your usage. If you are comfortable using a pencil to do your eyeliner, you can skip buying liquid eyeliner all together.

A black mascara stick is perfect for Indian eyes. If you need waterproof mascara for a water holiday, make the purchase just before the holiday itself, else it will just lie in your makeup kit and you will end up throwing it out in a bit. (Once opened, mascara should never be stored beyond six months.) We also recommend a transparent mascara to smoothen the hairline on your face or to set your eyebrows when needed.

You do not need a variety of shades or all textures. Buy one pink-peach and one brown shade and these will take care of your cheeks through all the looks.

LRT Tip: Your blush doubles up as eyeshadow for extra colour choice on your eyes.

This is where you are allowed to indulge a bit but not too much. This section is divided into lipstick and lip gloss. For lip glosses, you will need a transparent, light pink or light brown shade. And for lipsticks you will need a neutral pink peach, a medium brown and a bright red. You can then rev up your lip look with a pink, or maroon once again, depending on what you will use.

LRT Tip: Pay attention to what phase you are in. If you in a bold lips phase, buy one shade and use it consistently. Do not buy varying degrees of the same colour. For example, if you have a dark red, do not buy a tomato red. No one will be able to tell the difference. Buy a wine colour instead.

For a little bit of oomph and shine, a bronzer will do you just right. Whether you pick one with multiple hues or a single shade compact, the key is to pick just one. Bronzers can last you years, so buying different shades of bronzers is an absolute waste.

And last, but not the least, you will need brushes to go along with your makeup. But you need not go overboard with the brushes either. Here are the basic brushes you need to keep in your kit.

  • One brush to blend your liquid or cream foundation into your skin.
  • One nice rounded blush brush (which can also work as a powder brush or a bronzer brush when needed.)
  • One eyeshadow brush (a slightly flat and rounded at the edges kind of a brush is best as this can also be used to blend the liner/shadow on the lower lid).
  • One eyebrow filler brush. (Brows can be filled with a pencil directly, but nothing works as well as to blend the brows and make it look natural as using an eyebrow filler brush).

    • So that’s all you need in a makeup kit that can take care of you day and night. We as models manage a whole lot of our work with just these few items, so believe us when we say these are enough!

      Stay pretty always!


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