To stay well groomed we all spend countless hours painting our nails, picking out the perfect shade and getting fancy manicures. While it is fun to constantly change the colour of your nail polish as per the latest trend or your wardrobe choices, have you considered if painting your nails constantly is bad for you?
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Here’s why:

The pigment from the nail polish leaves a yellow stain on your nail, so it’s good to let them be for a while and let them get back to their original colour before repainting them.

The longer you leave a particular nail paint on, more chances of you getting small white spots of discoloration, which is a sign that your nails are too dry.

Even though our nail doesn’t “breathe”, the surrounding tissue needs care and thus just like hair, benefits from regular conditioning.

After removing your nail polish, treat it with cuticle oil to keep your nails pink and healthy.

So give your nails a break from nail polish and enjoy healthier nails.


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