Cute At-Home Mani Ideas To Get Your Hands Summer Ready

Written by Sanya HamdaniSep 16, 2023
Cute at-home mani ideas to get your hands summer ready

Want to amp up your manicure game but can’t go to the salon? That doesn’t mean you have to make do with boring single-coloured nails all summer. Sharpen your nail art skills by giving yourself an at-home manicure with some of the cutest and easiest mani ideas.

Give your traditional summer nail colours an upgrade with unexpected shades like purple, red and green. The best part is you don’t need to be an expert or have a steady hand to master these stunning nail art ideas.


Minimal pastel - Nail art

A fine line - Nail art

Got undying love for pastel nail colours? Bring out your collection and try this easy-peasy diagonal design using a small piece of scotch tape. Skip the base coat or try a nude shade.


Spring nails

A fine line - Nail art

Can’t think beyond yellow when it comes to summer mani ideas? This pastel yellow manicure is simple, clean and sophisticated. Balance it out with an off white or nude nail colour.


Neutral nails

A fine line - Nail art

Doing your own nails may seem like a huge task, but it really isn’t. You don’t have to try too hard to break the single coloured nail rut. Try adding a thin line of black or any other bright coloured shade on top of your favourite shade.


Negative space nails

A fine line - Nail art

Put that scotch tape to good use this summer and create the most stunning negative space nails. Lilac is a beautiful summer shade that we can’t seem to get enough of but you can choose any other shade that you like.


Half and half

A fine line - Nail art

Pick two of your favourite summer nail colours and try this easy half and half look.


Accent nails

A fine line - Nail art

This is probably the easiest way to customize your manicure. Add a contrasting shade to one nail on each hand for an unexpected pop of colour.


Polka dots

A fine line - Nail art

Pick all your favourite summer nail colours and paint each nail in a different colour. Add a few small and big dots on two nails to take it a notch higher.


Big dots

A fine line - Nail art

If you think polka dots are so yesterday, try this big dots mani idea. Place a big dot of bright shade on each nail, keep the base simple using a nude or baby pink shade.


Hint of gold

A fine line - Nail art

Got some golden glitter or shimmery nail paint lying around? Paint only one side and tip of your nail with some shimmer to make them look pretty in an instant.


A fine line

A fine line - Nail art

A silver line can instantly transform any boring manicure. No matter what your favourite colour is, top it off with a thin but visible line of silver.

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