3 Surprising Ways To Use A Tweezer To Speed Up Your Makeup Routine

Written by Fatema HabibSep 16, 2023
3 surprising ways to use a tweezer to speed up your makeup routine

Every makeup junkie has some or the other hacks and tricks up their sleeves that help them ace and speed up their makeup routine. This comes in handy, especially during rushed mornings when you want to look your best without spending hours in front of the mirror. But all your tricks and tips aside, here we have a wonder tool that will help you simplify your makeup routine!

We’re talking about tweezer! Yes, you read that right. Your tweezer can do a lot more than just clean up your brows. Don’t believe us? Read on and find the answers for yourself...


Nose contouring just got easier

Wear falsies with your tweezer

While contouring has the power to slim your face and help you flaunt a chiseled look, it can be time-consuming. But what if we tell you that you no more have to spend hours perfecting your contour game. To avoid the hassle, all you need to do is fill the underside of your tweezer with your contour powder and slide it down your nose. Lastly, blend as usual, and voila!


Winged eyeliner in a breeze

Wear falsies with your tweezer

We know the struggle of creating even wings, ladies! Precisely why, we have a super cool hack for you to try out instead of going all over umpteen number of times with your liquid liner. You may not get this hack right the very first time but it’s worth mastering. Pick your favourite liquid eyeliner from your vanity kit; you can use the Lakmé Absolute Shine Liquid Eye Liner – Black that has a super pigmented formula and lasts longer. Apply the liner on the underside of your tweezer and while it’s still wet, go ahead and apply diagonally on the outer corner of your eyes. This will help you create an outline for your cat-eye which you can then fill in. Easy, isn’t it?


Wear falsies with your tweezer

Wear falsies with your tweezer

False lashes make a statement, no doubt! However, it can be a task to wear them on correctly. While it’s not only time-consuming, the lash glue can make things a little messy too. To avoid the fuss, you can turn to your tweezer for help! Instead of placing your falsies to your lash line with a shaky hand (and ruining your eye makeup in the process), pick up the false lash with a tweezer for a more precise application.

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