Don’t we all want to look young forever? Well, makeup is one of the biggest tools that help us look ageless. However, many a times the wrong makeup technique can add years to your face instead of benefit it. Want to know the tricks that’ll magically make you look young? Read on.

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You know why Lakmé introduced us to the Sculpt range this year? To tell us that the art of contouring and high definition makeup is by far one of the greatest revelations in the beauty world. As you grow older, the fat tissue on your face reduces making the cheek bones more evident. You can play this up by highlighting them with contouring and when your bone structure stands out, you will automatically look younger.

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Wear lighter lipstick

Enhance your natural lip colour if you want to look younger. So instead of choosing dark shades, go for nudes. Dark lipsticks just bring unnecessary attention to the face and end up looking jarring. Add a tinge of gloss to keep your lips moisturised before you step out. We suggest you try the Lakmé Absolute Sculpt Studio Matte Lipstick in Peach Pout and add a hint of the Lakmé Gloss Stylist in Coral Sunset for this appearance.

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Choose the right shade of foundation

If you think that too much foundation will hide your blemishes and lines and make you look younger, you couldn’t be more wrong. Cakey foundation will get into your lines and eventually make them more visible. So go easy on the foundation. Use foundation in yellow tones that’ll blend perfectly with your skin making it look natural. We suggest you choose your shade from the Lakmé Absolute Face Stylist Foundation, which is known to even out the skin giving it a weightless coverage. Just what you need!

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Use brown eye pencils instead of black

If you want to look younger, the trick is to line your eyes with brown instead of black. The reason being that brown is a lot more subtle than black, blends beautifully well with brown eyes (perfect for Indians) and unlike black, doesn’t draw attention to your dark circles. Go for the Lakmé Eyeconic Brown to get this effect and notice your younger looking skin instantly.

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Stop tweezing eyebrows

As you grow older, eyebrows start to thin anyway. Shaping them to look even thinner adds age to your face. We suggest keeping your brows lush and thick and only shaping them if required. If you’re one of those who already has thin brows, use a brow pencil to fill them in and you’ll be able to see how much of a difference it makes.