Big eyes have been synonymous with beauty the world over. While some of us are naturally blessed with the feature, others just have to use makeup cheats to achieve the look. Makeup and hair artist, Pooja Mathur gives us some quick tips to faking big eyes.
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Prep and conceal
Like for any good makeup, prep your skin before applying eye makeup. “Use a basic base like your normal foundation along with a concealer,” says Mathur. Cover any blemishes and dark circles with this.

Use light eyeshadow
“Don’t use a dark coloured eye shadow,” warns Pooja, instead a light colour in pink, gold or pearl is a better bet if you want your eyes to look bigger and wider.

Drop the black liner
Pooja explains, “If you are going for bigger eyes, then steer clear of the black eyeliner and swap with brown instead. For those who still insist on wearing black, keep the line very thin and long, extending outside the eye area.” We recommend the Eyeconic in brown that gives you good control and also lasts all day long.
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White the waterline
“Using white in your waterline immediately brightens the eye but make sure you don’t overdo it or it will look too dramatic,” cautions Pooja. We recommend the Eyeconic White eyeliner that swipes on easy and gives you a smudge-free finish for hours.

Brighten the inner corner
This simple trick is the easiest way to get big eyes and it’s especially a great way to dress up for an evening out. Mark a V-shape with White eyeliner in the inner corners of your eyes. “This is great for weddings. Use the pencil in the inner corners of your eyes, even a dab is enough,” assures Pooja. A coat of mascara will open up your eyelashes and give your eyes a brighter look.