The Evolution Of Nude Makeup: Trends And Inspiration

Written by Lopa KAug 14, 2023
The Evolution of Nude Makeup: Trends and Inspiration

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Step into the captivating world of nude makeup looks, where subtlety and sophistication unite to create a look that says you woke up flawless. Like a stealthy chameleon, nude makeup effortlessly enhances your natural beauty while giving you an air of mystery. It's the art of looking flawlessly fresh-faced while secretly wearing the power of makeup. So, get ready to unleash your neutral beauty as we dive into the evolution, makeup trends and inspiration that will leave you spellbound by the enchanting allure of nude makeup. Get ready to paint the town nude, in the most glamorous way possible! 

The Evolution of Nude Makeup: Trends and Inspiration: The Basics  

In recent years, nude makeup looks have become increasingly popular due to its versatility and ability to enhance one's natural beauty. This timeless and effortless look has gone through various transformations and has become a staple in the beauty industry. From classic nude makeup looks to contemporary trends, and even finding inspiration from celebrities, nude makeup continues to evolve and captivate beauty enthusiasts worldwide. In this article, we will explore the basics of nude makeup, discuss its evolution over the years, and figure out how to do nude makeup. 

The Evolution of Nude Makeup: Trends and Inspiration


Classic Nude Makeup Looks

Evolution of Nude Makeup

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But what is nude makeup? Nude makeup is all about creating a natural, flawless complexion while enhancing one's features. It involves using neutral shades that mimic the natural colours of the skin, lips and eyes. The goal is to achieve a fresh-faced look that appears effortless yet polished.

Evolution of Nude Makeup

To create a classic nude makeup look, start with a good base. Use products like the Lakmé Absolute Glow Primer to provide a smooth and even canvas for makeup application. This primer not only hydrates the skin but also adds a subtle radiance for a healthy glow. It acts as a sheer base so that your makeup doesn’t budge. 

Next, conceal any blemishes or imperfections with the Lakmé Absolute Creme Concealer. This lightweight concealer seamlessly blends into the skin, providing excellent coverage without feeling heavy or cakey. It also has vitamin E and a bunch of other hydrating and skin-friendly ingredients so even those with acne, dryness or sensitive skin can use it. 

Now, having a foundation in your nude makeup kit is a hot topic for debate. If you have clear skin you can skip it. If you have breakouts, scars or patchiness, you can definitely use foundation. Well, in such cases we love the lightweight Lakmé 9 to 5 Primer + Matte Perfect Cover Foundation Mini as it also has SPF 20, doubling up as sunscreen. This foundation offers buildable coverage while controlling excess shine, leaving your skin with a matte finish that lasts all day thanks to its inbuilt primer. 

As for your nude eye makeup, you can enhance your eyes with just some liner and mascara. The waterproof Lakmé Eyeconic Volume Mascara adds volume and length to your lashes, making them appear naturally beautiful. It is lightweight so you don’t have to worry about any clumping or spidery lashes. 

Finish off the look with a nude shade of Lakmé 9 to 5 Primer + Matte Liquid Lip Color. With tons of nude shades, simply pick one that is slightly darker than your skin tone. It provides a long-lasting matte finish without drying your lips thanks to the argan oil and vitamin E in it.


Contemporary Nude Makeup Trends

Evolution of Nude Makeup

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While simple nude makeup remains timeless, contemporary trends have emerged to give this style a modern twist like dramatic lashes or a pop of colour. One popular trend is the monochromatic nude look, which involves using one muted shade of colour, preferably a mauve brown, peach or beige on the eyes, lips and cheeks for a cohesive and harmonious effect.

Evolution of Nude Makeup

Subtle shimmer is another contemporary trend in nude makeup. By adding a touch of shimmer to the eyes or cheeks, you can create a soft glow that catches the light. A lot of makeup lovers swear by the Lakmé Absolute Infinity Eye Shadow Palette - Soft Nudes as it has your usual matte nude shades as well as shimmery but muted colours for you to experiment with. Elevate your nude eye makeup with a single pop of colour and some glitter, or try out a smokey look with a soft brown on the outer corner to create depth and dimension in the eyes. 

Another new trend is the addition of glossy finishes. This involves adding a touch of shine to the lips or eyelids for a dewy and luminous effect. The Lakmé 9 to 5 Primer + Shine Lipstick gives instant shine. And no, we don’t mean the frosted look of the actual Y2K era. Get a rich and satin finish in just one swipe. With a built-in primer that helps it last all day, keep your lips moisturised and nourished.


Nude Makeup Inspiration from Celebrities

Evolution of Nude Makeup

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If you want some nude makeup ideas, celebrities often serve as a source of inspiration when it comes to beauty trends. Many iconic nude makeup looks have been worn by celebrities on the red carpet and in various media appearances.   

Take Kareena Kapoor Khan’s latest look for example – we witness a mesmerising makeup look that perfectly embodies the essence of nude beauty which also complements her striking minimalist outfit. Earthy tones with a slightly darker shade on the crease enhance the natural depth and dimension of the eyes. It is paired with muted nude lipstick, maintaining a balance between understated elegance and captivating allure.  

Then there’s Ananya Panday who is channelling her inner Barbie. This nude pink makeup embraces a dewy finish that exudes a youthful and fresh appeal. Soft pink shades make up her eyes, lips and face. It provides a subtle definition without overpowering the overall look.

Evolution of Nude Makeup

Well, to achieve such a flawless finish, celebrities often set their makeup. We don’t want the flash to make our dewy finish look sweaty. Well, to set your makeup without the translucent powder being highlighted when under direct light, consider using the Lakmé Absolute Loose Finishing Powder. This lightweight powder helps to control shine and provides a smooth, airbrushed look that lasts throughout the day.


Nude Makeup for Different Skin Tones

Evolution of Nude Makeup

Choosing the right nude shades for your skin tone is essential to achieve a seamless and natural-looking result. It's important to consider your skin undertones when selecting nude makeup products. Make sure your concealer shade is a touch lighter than your actual colour so that it can successfully cover up even the darkest of blemishes. When it comes to lipsticks, it should be a shade darker than your skin tone so that your lips don’t merge with your skin. 

For those with cool undertones, opt for nude shades with pink or peachy undertones. These shades will complement your complexion and add warmth to your overall look. 

If you have warm undertones, look for nude shades with golden or caramel hues. These shades will enhance your natural glow. Pinkish shades can work but if it is too bright they may look odd. 

For deep skin tones with neutral or warm undertones, go for nude shades with rich, chocolatey undertones. These shades will add dimension to your makeup look while complementing your skin tone beautifully. 

FAQs about The Evolution of Nude Makeup: Trends and Inspiration

Q1. What are the makeup trends of 2023? 

2023’s makeup trends are all about dewy and natural looks. Thin and brushed-up eyebrows are making a comeback as well as the 90s brown lipsticks and shimmery eyeshadow. Gone are the days of super matte finishes in exchange for a dewy look. However, there are still some mattifying elements like velvety blushes.  

Q2. Is minimalist and nude makeup the same? 

They aren’t exactly the same but do work with the idea of just enough makeup to let your natural features shine. However, in minimalist makeup, you can use bold colours like pink rouge, and highlighter on your nose and cheeks. 

Q3. How to wear nude makeup for dark skin? 

To add definition to your face, instead of contouring, add a bright blush to your cheeks. As for the lips, line it with a darker colour than the lipstick shade and blend it so that you don’t look washed out. 

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