Has it ever happened that you're browsing through your dresser and you come across lipsticks you don't use, a kajal pencil from five years ago and some mascara that just smells foul? Well, like all good things, makeup expires too. And using expired makeup can cause infections, inflammation – basically, the works! Here's a checklist to keep track of what you need to throw out and when.

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Water-based foundations last up to a year whereas oil-based foundations last up to 18 months. Use sponges or brushes to apply since fingers can contaminate the formula.

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Eye pencils

These can last up to one to two years depending on the usage. If you are using a pencil, sharpen it regularly to keep bacteria away from the tip of the eyeliner.

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Any mascara, even from the best brands should be discarded in about 9 months. If you see it going dry or smelling foul, stop using it immediately. Also, don’t pump your mascara—this helps stop the growth of bacteria.

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Lip colours

Creme, matte based colours can last up to two years. Store them in the fridge to avoid losing texture and consistency. Lip glosses have a shelf life of six months, so use it as much you can and then buy another one.