Move aside maroon lips and golden eyes, we’re in search of the whackiest eye and lip combos yet! We’re thinking poppy and icy pinks, fiery oranges and all possible shades of green to adorn our face. Here are our three favourite picks of the quirkiest makeup combos we want to (and want you to) try ASAP.

quirkiest makeup combos 430x550

Seeing how stunning (and fun!) it looks, the yellow eyeliner with a pink lip shouldn’t only be restricted to editorials, we say. Since we’ve been big fans of a pop palette when it comes to our wardrobes, it was only obvious that we took a quick liking to it when it came to makeup. While we’d save this look for a more subdued outfit (a white dress, perhaps) and restrict this experimentation to the daytime (and with friends who wouldn’t judge us!) we suggest all you makeup daredevils try this, stat!

makeup combos to try today 430x550

At the risk of borrowing from the national flag, we absolutely adore this combo of the green eyes and orange pout. Albeit, you’d have to work your way with green eyeliners, pencils as well as shadows in both light and dark shades to get that same effect (remember this tutorial?). Do take note that contrary to what most people think, this look would go beautifully well with dusky, Indian skin tones. We suggest you save it for a night out and wear it with a navy mini dress.

quirkiest makeup combos to try 430x550

We’ll admit, orange eyeshadow hadn’t crossed our minds until now, but we swear, come this weekend we’re going to be trying this look (if only for ourselves and the mirror.) Icy pastels were all the rage at LFW last season but none stood out as much as this look with the orange perfectly complementing the pale pink. With a face so stark we can only imagine having a muted ensemble balance it out, but if a contrasting colour palette is your thing, we’d suggest wearing this with a sky blue or even an emerald green!