The Summer Lip Care Arsenal You Need To Invest In Asap

Written by Team BBOct 07, 2016
The harsh sun rays can cause considerable amount of damage to our lips. So before the weather gets any hotter, it’s time to gear up for lip care. Here are three easy things that are sure to leave your lips hydrated.

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Sugar Scrub

Sugar scrubs are the perfect exfoliators for the summer. You might think that winter’s the only season that can damage your lips but the harsh UVA and B rays can do equal damage by tanning. That’s why you need to invest in a robust lip cleansing routine (just as you do for your skin). All you need is to add two tablespoons of brown sugar and honey to virgin olive oil. Mix these ingredients well and ensure no lumps are left, grind it to a paste and voila! Your yummy lip scrub is ready for use!

summer lip care tips lakme lip love 600x400

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly

If there’s one thing that exists in almost every household, it is petroleum jelly. While it has many uses today, the primary reason why we all swear by petroleum jelly is because of the wonders it does to the lips. The perfect ingredient to a pretty pout, petroleum jelly will work wonders on your skin. Use it post your lip scrub and preferably overnight for max effect. We’re amazed at how something as simple as this can be such a saviour. Aren’t you?

summer lip care tips lakme lip love 600x400

Lakme Lip Love

Aren’t we always on the lookout for a lippy that provides both colour and care? The The Lakmé Lip Love range will give you exactly that! Its dual core contains a creamy inner that keeps your lips hydrated while the outer core provides colour thus giving your lips the perfect pout. Oh and it also comes with SPF 15, which provides sun protection to the lips. And yes, if Shraddha Kapoor swears by it, there’s no reason you shouldn’t.

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