If there is one thing that the Kardashians and Jenners have taught the you, and you’ve learnt like good students, is how to pout and look just that little bit extra in all your selfies. If you are not blessed with a voluptuous pout doesn’t mean you cannot fake one. You can create magic using makeup and a few quick DIYs to create the illusion of a fuller pout. Below, we share our favourite tips on achieving fuller lips using just makeup...


Lip prep is a must

Lip prep is a must to achieve fuller lips

Smooth and hydrated lips automatically make your lips look fuller and plumper, and also make products apply better. Start by exfoliating your lips and apply a hydrating lip balm such as the Lakmé Lip Love Lip Balm.


Concealer does the trick

Concealer does the trick to achieve fuller lips

Before you colour your lips, it is important to prime your lips using a lip primer as it helps create a base layer for smoother application. You could also apply a thin layer of your foundation or your concealer (we love the Lakmé Absolute White Intense Liquid Concealer) to create a blank canvas which then allows you to over-line your lips for added volume.


Contour your lips

Contour your lips to achieve fuller lips

Contouring is the easiest way to manipulate the dimensions of your face, which is why this is is one cool hack to make your lips look fuller. Simply add a little bit of the Lakmé Absolute Moon Lit Highlighter underneath the centre of your bottom lip to give the illusion of fuller lips.


Highlight your Cupid’s bow

Highlight your Cupid’s bow to achieve fuller lips

Adding a little shimmery highlighter such as the Lakmé Absolute Moon Lit Highlighter to the Cupid’s bow makes your lips look plumper and fuller. You can even dab just a tiny bit on the centre of your lower lip for extra volume.


Choose a nude lip colour

Choose a nude lip colour to achieve fuller lips

We love the versatility of a nude lip colour, as it effortlessly blends into just about any makeup look you’re trying to pull off. But did you know a nude lip colour also tends to give your lips a fuller appearance? Dab a little bit of a nude gloss to the centre of your lip for some extra oomph and volume.