Shopping for the right foundation is more than just choosing the right shade. Being an avid BB reader, you already know that the key to a flawless base is by testing the product on your jawline in natural sunlight, but today we tell you things to keep in mind that are as important as picking the ideal shade. Rethink your purchase every time you go shopping for foundation, with our guide below.

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What are you currently using?

Is your current foundation making your skin appear patchy? Or does it start running down your face the moment you start sweating? Well, then maybe it’s time to change the product or switch to another brand. Find out your concerns and make sure you address them by consulting with the beauty adviser at the store.

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How often do you wear foundation?

Ask yourself: Are you buying a foundation to wear daily or is it only for special events like night outs and weddings? Choose the coverage and type accordingly. For example, go for a cream foundation with full coverage for special occasions and lightweight mousse or liquid foundation with medium coverage for daily wear.

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Be careful with ingredients

Does your skin breakout often? Or do you get pimples after using certain products? Rethink your purchase. Compare, do your research and spot the ingredients that are giving trouble to your skin and ask the beautician at the store for foundations that do not contain that particular ingredient(s).

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When in doubt, mix shades

If you are unable to spot a shade that is an exact match, try by mixing a lighter and darker shade to that of your skin tone. If it works buy both shades and mix and blend well by adding a drop of water to the mixture for a flawless finish.

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What tool you use to apply your foundation

Whether you use your fingertips, a brush or a sponge, make sure you convey this to the beautician at the store as many foundations demand a particular method of application. Try out only those options that suit your method for a problem-free base every morning.