Droopy Lashes? Try This Hack To Keep Them Curled For Longer!

Written by Anjali AgarwalSep 16, 2023
Droopy lashes? Try this hack to keep them curled for longer!

While most women would kill for longer lashes, there are some who already have super long eyelashes that are so stick-straight that they droop down seconds after they curl them. If you find this all too relatable, then you obviously belong to the latter group. Long or not, droopy or straight lashes can be a pain. Makes you wonder what’s the point of your eyelash curler if your lashes refuse to hold the curl, doesn’t it?

Well, good news for you! We know a hack to help you with that, and it includes your hair dryer. This one trick will help your lashes hold the curl better, quicker and longer. Here’s how you can do it.   

Droopy lashes

You need:

  • Eyelash curler
  • Hair dryer
  • Mascara

Droopy lashes

How to:

All you have to do is drumroll, please heat your eyelash curler! Just like curls in your hair hold better with heat tools, your eyelash hair also benefits a great deal from some heat. Now, until an electric eyelash curler is invented, you can put your good ol’ hairdryer to use and heat the lash curler.

Hold your eyelash curler about three to four inches away and heat it for a few seconds. Before you go on and clip your lashes between it, make sure it isn’t too hot otherwise you will burn your lids. Touch it to test it and then curl your lashes. It will also curl your lashes way, way quicker and help the curl last all through the day. Apply mascara as you usually do and you’re done.

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