Natural Makeup Tips To Achieve A Glowy Look: 3 Tips

Written by Team BBNov 03, 2022
Natural Makeup Tips to Achieve a Glowy Look: 3 Tips

Of all our #beautygoals, giving our skin the youthful and fresh-faced, dewy look has to be on #1. Because healthy, dewy skin is that timeless trend that never-ever goes out of style. Only if flawless skin was this simple to achieve.  

If your skin tends to feel dry, flaky and irritated, glowing skin only becomes a far-fetched dream. But not all hope is lost till the time we girls have our makeup by our sides. With just three easily available makeup products and some handy expert tips, that beautiful, glowing natural makeup looks are all yours!  

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Natural Makeup Tips for a Glowy Look: The Basics  

You will need: 

For that lit-from-within soft natural makeup look, you will always need to use a liquid foundation for the best results.  

  • Next, reach for a foundation such as the Lakmé Absolute 3d Cover Foundation with Vitamin B3 to enrich and nourish your skin, make it luminous, with long-lasting finish, and provide SPF 25 protection.  

  • And last but not the least, the concealer (obviously!). We recommend using the Lakmé 9to5 Primer + Matte Liquid Concealer to mask blemishes, dark circles, and fine lines. Its unique applicator and formula help to create a crease-free, buildable coverage. 

So now that you know how to get glowing skin without using heavy base, let’s begin! 

3 Natural Makeup Tips to Achieve a Glowy Look  

How to create these effortless everyday natural makeup looks? Follow this Indian makeup tutorial — natural look that will take 3 easy steps. 

natural makeup looks woman brunette highlighter

1. Mix Oil & Foundation 

To create natural dewy makeup look, mix your foundation with face oil. This technique can be used to get glass skin with makeup, too. 

How to Apply  

Take out one and a half pumps of the foundation along with a few drops of facial oil and mix well. Blend this combo in, begin at the centre of your face and blend outwards in a gentle dabbing motion.  

natural makeup looks woman brunette highlighter

2. Blush up your Cheekbones 

How to get a natural makeup look? Applying blush on this stage will give you a really natural finish. It is time to give yourself that blushing glow for fresh natural makeup look!  

How to Apply  

Use your fingertips and apply the blush to your cheekbones for the perfect flush of colour. You can use your lipstick as a creamy blush to minimise the amount of products in your routine, and get a perfect colour match. 

natural makeup looks woman brunette highlighter

3. Add Highlighter 

For gorgeous natural makeup looks, do not forget to apply the highlighter, and this is the step that will help seal the deal for you. Don’t hesitate to use delicate shiny and finely dispersed highlighters in your natural party makeup looks, and on daily basis.  

How to Apply  

Take a little bit (you can be generous as you like, though) of the highlighter on a fan brush and apply it to the highpoints of your face i.e. your cheekbones, brow bones and cupid’s bow. Blend it well to avoid harsh lines. 

FAQs about Natural Makeup Tips to Achieve a Glowy Look  

How to create natural wedding makeup looks? 

Natural bridal makeup looks are so much popular, that probably every makeup artist knows how to create them. But take a note, that natural looks can vary, and get your references before coming to the specialist. Otherwise, learn how to create simple bridal look by yourself.  

For creating natural makeup looks, eyeshadow should be excluded? 

Applying eyeshadows is not the necessary step in natural eye makeup looks. Although, you can use brown and nude eyeshadows to contour your eyes. 

Are natural makeup looks for brown skin different from natural makeup for fair skin? 

Yes, makeup artists say that they’re slightly different, not in technique but in colours you use. The darker your skin is, the brighter and more intense shades will still look natural on you. For pale skin, it’s very easy to go too far with the colour, but for a darker complexion, you may include bright shades. Natural makeup look Indian skin dedicated depends on your skin and hair tone, so, pick up your foundation shade correctly, and do not use something too intense or brighter than your natural colour bar.  

Hope now you learned more about glowing natural makeup looks, also check out how to glow your skin naturally

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