With the party season on in full swing, it has become rather difficult to maintain healthy and soft lips while wearing so much makeup. Whether it’s your BFF’s wedding or a Friday night out with the girls, we need some colour on our lips to add a touch of glamour to our look. The result? Dry, flaky lips the next morning! Lakmé Lip Love – the first dual-core lip balm by Lakmé promises both, moisture as well as colour. Read on to find out why we think it is the lip care product you simply must-have.

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Because it is the perfect balance of colour and care...

We don’t need to wear a lip balm and a lipstick anymore! Lip Love has two attributes in one product – it adds a dash of colour to our lips while moisturising them from the inside out. It has a creamy inner core with an outer swirl of colour and just one swipe is enough to give you moisturised and beautiful looking lips all day, and if Shraddha Kapoor swears by it, it’s got to be good, yes?

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Because it contains SPF 15...

You don’t have to fear dark, sun-damaged lips anymore! Lakmé Lip Love contains SPF 15 that gives us the confidence to step out in the sun. Needless to say, it’s intense moisturisation factor prevents drying and cracking caused by the sun and other weather conditions, and it makes our lips appear beautiful and attractive throughout the day.

try lakme lip love for perfect lips 430x550

Because it comes in four lovable variants...

Cherry, Strawberry, Peach and Vanilla – What more could any girl ask for! This has become our beauty staple as it suits every skin tone and occasion. No more splurging on lipsticks, glosses and tints. We are stocking up on these beauties. Yes, we mean to get all four variants for our clutches!