Three Tricks To Make Your Foundation Last Longer

Written by Sweta WaghSep 29, 2016
Every morning you take the trouble to put on your makeup just right—but do you ever notice how it becomes runny or cakey or just short of perfect as the day progresses? BeBEAUTIFUL brings you three fabulous tricks to make your foundation stay from nine till five, and beyond.
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Prep and blot
First things first, if you have oily skin make sure you let your base product (moisturiser or primer) soak into your skin and then blot. You can use regular tissue for blotting—don’t waste time on inefficient blotting paper. Blot everywhere you find oil traces.

Don’t mix oil and water
Next up, make sure that your foundation has the same primary ingredient as your moisturiser or primer—that is oil-based or water-based. The reason we make this point is because oil and water do not mix, which could cause you to run into some annoying issues.

Dust some loose powder
To make your makeup last longer, once you’ve applied your foundation, tap on some loose powder on concern areas, usually the nose, chin and forehead. Do not apply layers and layers of your compact—we’re  just talking about lightly dusting your face with powder. Too many touch-ups with your compact throughout the day could be an easy recipe to a cakey looking complexion, and let’s get real, that’s never pretty.

And there are your three easy dos to long-lasting foundation. Remember, if you feel the need to touch-up just wash and re-apply your foundation, touching up with concealer and powder will give off a dull look whereas taking a few extra minutes will leave you with a much fresher looking face.

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