It might have been a late night at work or a party that went on way too long. Either way, there’s no telling what could get you and your face down. Since most of us are familiar with both scenarios, here are three quick saves you can bank on to give your face that instant pick-me-up…

3 ways to give face instant glow lakme face magic skin tints creme 430x550

Quick save #1: The Lakmé Face Magic Skin Tints Crème
Whether we’re running late and have barely any time to look in the mirror or are dealing with yet another humid day that’s sapped our face dry, the Lakmé Face Magic Skin Tints Crème it our go-to solution. Enriched with SPF and cucumber extracts, just a little application provides complete coverage (without looking OTT) and the built-in moisturiser keeps our skin supple and nourished all day long. We love!

3 ways to give face instant glow white liner 430x550

Quick save #2: White liner
In times of dire beauty crises, most women resort to kajal or concealer to cover up tired eyes. Little do they know that those two things in particular will only draw attention to those eye bags. Instead, rely on this tried and tested quick-fix and line the inner corners of your eyes with a white eye pencil. Then smudge it. This little trick will brighten up those peepers in no time!

3 ways to give face instant glow bright lip colour 430x550

Quick save #3: Poppy lips
Since eyes are the dead giveaway of a dull face, you could either do something about them (call in sick and sleep in) or draw attention away from them. In the case where you’re doing the latter, we suggest opting for a bright lip colour that’ll take the focus off your peepers. We suggest mustering up the courage to try shades of orange, fuchsia and red. After all, it is a proven fact that colour always brightens up and lightens the mood.