Gone are the days when a manicure was all about pretty pinks and predictable corals. Manicures today have come a long way and have become a lot more edgy and experimental. Stark white digits have suddenly taken over the fashion world – from runways to fashion editorials and we are definitely not complaining!

3 ways to rock white manicure french manicure 430x550

French Manicure

Chic and polished with an unmatched Parisian flair, the French manicure remains a classic with the right dash of white. While an appointment at your nearest salon is the best bet to get the right precision and finish that is characteristic of this manicure technique, a little practice will find you able to master the art in no time.

3 ways to rock white manicure white opaque nails 430x550

White Out

All white opaque nails make for an instant nail makeover and are topping the manicure charts internationally. We love the shade White Book from the Lakmé 9to5 Long Wear Nail Colour Range and recommend a heady 2-3 coats of the same for a flawless finish. It might take you a while to get used to them, but there’s little reason to not fall in love with this bold manicure style.

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White in Doses

If the French manicure is a tad bit too classy for daily wear and all white nails seem a bit out of your comfort zone, treat your nails as a canvas and get painting! Incorporate a dose of white on your bare or coloured nails and get as creative as you can. Think floral, stippling or even scotch tape art - it’s all about nails that make a statement!