Whether it’s our bronzer, blushes or shadows—when it comes to the sunlight, we’re firm old-school believers in going matte. Sure, some people can make that subtle shimmer work—but we’ve always been a little on fence with the trend. That is, of course, until we came across Lakmé’s sensational range of Colour Illusion—whether its day or night we were drooling after the metallic hues and post some serious experimentation, we bring you our top three glamazon looks that you can dare to bare in a shimmery, metallic hue.
Shimmery.Lids 300x400

Neutrally impactful

Traditionally shimmery eyeshadows are best when applied to the eyelids, the brow bone and corners of the eye. The small shimmery particles found in metallic eyeshadows reflect light, which is what gives them that ultra-glamorous look. If you’re a big fan of shimmering eyeshadow, but like us, a little afraid to try the OTT trend by daylight, you’ve hit up the right spot. The key to making a shimmering eyeshadow work when it’s bright outside is to stick to a neutral colour palette in pearl shadows. Pearl shadows are great in creating a toned down version of your favourite night time look.

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A little bit of shimmer

Loose powder is your best bet for a day time look. We’d recommend you use your fingertips to apply the colour so you can really get in there and blend and only use a single layer—you don’t want to go in of an overkill. To really make those peepers pop, apply a thin line of shimmering silver (Lakmé Colour Illusion Eyes – Black Pearl), light blue (Lakmé Colour Illusion Eyes –Blue Pearl) or even a baby pink (Lakmé Colour Illusion Eyes – Pink Pearl) on the rim of your upper eyelid. This will open up your eyes and create a frame for you to apply your liner. A thin layer of liner is all you need to give your eyes glow and definition.


A hit of glam for those fierce talons: yay or nay?

Edgy and chic we are officially christening black nails as the new French tips—what we mean is, like a French manicure, black nails too go with everything…well almost everything. And what’s more, unlike French tips—this darker hued mani will make you feel like you can take on the world by storm. But why not go even one step further and give your black talons a run for their money. Once you’ve painted your nails with black, add a hint of rose gold (Lakmé Colour Illusion Nails – Desire) or champagne toned (Lakmé Colour Illusion Nails – Ethereal) shimmer to your nail beds. Since the shimmer only rests on your nail bed the look isn’t too overwhelming, yet it’ll make all the difference to your look which you can flaunt by the AM or PM.