3 Ways To Wear The Colours Of Christmas

Written by Girija NaiksatamNov 11, 2016
Of course there is always rum cake and lots of wine and general merriment in the air, but if you’re willing to wear Christmas on your sleeve (and we don’t mean the clichéd green, red and white sweater) we’ve got a few super cool beauty ideas for you. Here’s how you can wear the colours of Christmas…

3 ways to wear the colours of christmas red lipstick 430x550

Colour your hair green
This October saw everyone rocking the green hair colour trend. Katy Perry debuted hers on Instagram, Lena Dunham wore hers to all of her book signings and the not-so-experimental Kate Bosworth dyed the ends of her hair mint green. So if the festivities have got you feeling experimental, we suggest heading to the salon to get a few strands dyed green (or a fringe if you’re willing to endure it) and wear that Christmas cheer in your hair.

3 ways to wear the colours of christmas red lipstick 430x550

Choose white eyeliner over black
If we haven’t stressed about it enough, ‘tis the season to ditch the black eyeliner and make the white eye pencil your BFF. Glam up those peepers by highlighting the inner corners; wear it on your lower waterline to define your eyes, use it as you would a liner if you’re in the mood for some drama, or even use it on the upper and lower ridges of your lips to create the illusion of a bigger pout. With so many multi-tasking skills on hand, do we need more reason to make the White Eyeconic our Christmas staple?

3 ways to wear the colours of christmas red lipstick 430x550

A red pout for out and about
We’ve already spoken at length about our obsession with red lips but with Christmas just around the corner, it gives us one more reason to wear all of our cherry and berry reds, maroons, mauves and the newly anointed Pantone colour of the year, marsala. Whether we’re attending a humble house party or the biggest Christmas at the Joneses’, and whether we’ve chosen to wear the littlest, black dress or some colour, we know we could never go wrong with red lips. We bet Santa approves, too!

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