Celebrate Y2K Makeup With Colours And Shimmers: Top Tips

Written by Lopa KMar 06, 2023
Celebrate Y2K Makeup with Colours and Shimmers: Top Tips

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We may be in the new year but that hasn’t stopped the Y2K fashion trends of the late 90s and early 2000s still being all the rage. Whether it is the shimmer eyeshadow or the iconic brown lipliner, we are taking the best of the past and pulling it off with the new and adapted makeup techniques of the 2020s. Well, if you need some style inspo, we have pulled up the best of the best Y2K makeup trends for you today. 

Celebrate Y2K Makeup with Colours and Shimmers: The Basics  

Before we get into the dewy and glossy makeup, shimmer eyeshadow and blush-filled looks of this trend, let’s first look at the term Y2K. In the most literal way, Y2K simply stands for 2000. At the turn of the millennium, looking for a change, the fashion scene tried experimenting with a lot of new trends with some failing and some continuing till the next decade. Well, this led to some truly bizarre and experimental fashion, hair and makeup looks cropping up. However, now that we are in the 2020s, the cool kids are taking their inspiration from these Y2K looks and making them their own. Well, let’s take a look at the five basic makeup elements that make up a Y2K look. 

Top Tips on How to Celebrate Y2K Makeup with Colours and Shimmers 


1. Shimmer eyeshadow

FAQs about Celebrate Y2K Makeup with Colours and Shimmers

While the 2010s were all about matte looks, the 2020s have been taking inspiration from the 2000s and giving us textured looks like dewy skin paired with matte brown lips and shimmer eyeshadow. The eye makeup look definitely becomes the highlight point as it takes all the attention. 

But if you hate the fallout, creasing or smudging of glittery makeup, we have a solution for you! Just turn to a glittery liquid eyeshadow like the Lakmé Absolute Explore Liquid Eyeshadow Duo as it stays all day long and dries quickly to give you a smooth and flawless finish. With a combination of matte and shiny shades from light pink to dark gold, you can go for any look depending on your outfit and mood.


2. Brown lipstick with lip liner

FAQs about Celebrate Y2K Makeup with Colours and Shimmers

Were you ever confused as to why when your school teacher wanted to dress up, she would put a dark lip liner on top of her brown lipstick and call it a day? Apparently, this is the trend now too as you have Gen-Z influencers sporting this look and calling it Y2K makeup. It adds some pizzazz to your normal everyday look and also gives a 3D effect to your lipstick. On top of that, if done right, it can also give the illusion of thick and pouty lips.  

We love the smudge-proof Lakmé 9 To 5 Primer + Matte Lip Color - Coffee Comand or Rustic Brown as they are reminiscent of those legendary brown lipstick shades that supermodels of the 90s used to sport on the catwalk. This lipstick also happens to be extremely vibrant with an intense pay-off in one swipe, so you can easily pair it with a lipliner without any worry of it not standing out well. And well, the name gives it away as it has an inbuilt primer which makes sure to give a soft and matte look that stays all day long. 

Once you’re done applying your lipstick, take a lip liner in a darker shade. The Lakmé Absolute 3D Lip Definer in Ruby is the perfect dark lip liner. While it is similar to your brown lipstick, it has a hint of red to add colour if brown shades make you look washed out. Just take the liner and easily outline your lips thanks to its soft and gliding formula. It too happens to be long-lasting so don’t worry about your lip looking messed up after a meal or at the end of the day.


3. Blush

FAQs about Celebrate Y2K Makeup with Colours and Shimmers

Were you always told to go easy on the bronzer or just dab a little blush on the apple of your cheeks? Yeah, well forget all that and go crazy with your face makeup. Y2K was all about vibrant colours and that also included blush on your cheeks, nose and the sides of your cheekbones. Add a touch of bronzer on your jawline and below your cheeks with a little highlighter on top of the blush to get a sunkissed glow.  

For such a look, just use a 3-in-1 palette like the long-lasting Lakmé Absolute Facelift Palette which adds dimension to your face. It makes use of easily blendable formulas to give you a colourful blush, shining bronzer and a soft highlighter in two shades perfect for all Indian skin tones. And since it is buildable, you can easily go for a subtle look during the day or glam up for a night out.


4. Lip gloss

FAQs about Celebrate Y2K Makeup with Colours and Shimmers

With Y2K trends being all about a glossy and dewy look, gone are the days of mattifying your makeup and blotting paper. Embrace your natural lip colour and just add a touch of gloss to pull off a no-makeup-makeup look or add a twist to your everyday work look. But if you do want some colour, for those days, we’d suggest trying out the Lakmé Absolute Spotlight Lip Gloss. With a lip gloss in every conventional lip colour, you can opt for pink, purple, brown or red if that’s what you wish. And the best part is that while it is your usual lip gloss, it dries quickly to give a gel-like finish that isn’t sticky or will have you pulling hair strands off your lips every time a breeze hits your face.


5. Pop of colour eye shadow

FAQs about Celebrate Y2K Makeup with Colours and Shimmers

Of course, no Y2K look is complete without a pop of colour. Whether it is a single-shade outfit, bag or eye makeup, it is what defines the simple yet glamorous era of the millennia. Well, the easiest way to pull this off is just to go for a single-shade eye makeup look. So, whether you’re tired of intricate eye looks or cannot blend for the life of you, this eye makeup will have your back. So, say you want a vibrant but matte pink on your lid or a fun shiny lavender with iridescent glitter particles, try out the Lakmé Absolute Explore Eye Shadow Palette - Purple Haze. Get an intense look with just one swipe of your brush for a smooth finish.


FAQs about Celebrate Y2K Makeup with Colours and Shimmers

FAQs about Celebrate Y2K Makeup with Colours and Shimmers

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Q1. What is Y2K makeup? 

Y2K makeup is characterized by bright colours, glitter and glossy finish, maximalism and natural but enhanced looks. Taking the motto of experimenting in the 2000s, Y2K looks in today’s time is experimenting and having fun with your makeup.  

Q2. How does Gen-Z do makeup? 

Gen-Z is mostly seen adding colours and different textures like matte and glitter into their makeup. Some like minimalism but monochromatic looks with different shades of a single colour. Others like going all out with multiple, bold colours and taking inspiration from Y2K trends. 

Q3. What colours are Y2K? 

Y2K can easily be surmised as colours, colours and colours. But there are two main palettes – one includes pastel shades of pink, purple, green and blue. The other aesthetic uses patterns and prints such as animal print, butterflies, polka dots, vaporwave emojis and melted marble. 

Well, there you have it. If you have ever wanted to try out these trendy Y2K looks, now you can. Whether it is just putting on some shimmer eyeshadow or dabbing a little gloss, it is as easy as it looks. 

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