Eyebrows are one of the most important features of your face, they define your face and highlight your eyes. Ask any celeb or model about the five makeup products they never leave home without, and an eyebrow pencil or pomade will always be a part of that list. Even when you are opting for a no-makeup makeup look, it is essential to fill in your brows. Even if you are blessed with bushy and dense brows, it never hurt to know a few tips and tricks to enhance them. Follow these tips for the best natural eyebrow shapes. 

Brow Basics  

Natural thick eyebrow shapes are on the top of the trend now. Very black, defined, or looking artificial eyebrows aren’t popular anymore. So, it’s better not to try making your brow shape something too different from what you already have. We suggest taking your original eyebrow shape as a basis, then decide what brow type matches your today’s makeup, fill in your eyebrows with the pigment, slightly shape them with concealer, then fix. 

Tips on How to Fill Your Brows for a Natural Effect   

How to shape your eyebrows at home naturally without any permanent, or semi-permanent treatments? Just follow these 5 simple steps, and enjoy the trendy effortless look.  

natural eyebrow shapes brunette woman

1. Don’t aim for symmetry 

There’s a popular saying: your eyebrows are meant to be sisters and not twins. So, when filling your different natural eyebrow shapes, aim for perfection but not symmetry because you will only be wasting your time trying to make your brows look identical. A little variation in the arch and length will not ruin your look, if anything, it will only make your brows look natural. 

natural eyebrow shapes brunette woman pencil

2. Try various products 

How to change the shape of your eyebrows naturally? A brow pencil is most women’s weapon of choice when it comes to perfecting their brows, and for a reason. For example, Lakmé Absolute 3d Eye Brow Definer is available in graphite and espresso colours, and its creamy formula helps to add volume to your eyebrows, blends easily, and provides smooth finish. 

If you want to know how to change eyebrow shape naturally without special eyebrow products, you can always try experimenting with cosmetics that are already sitting in your makeup kit. Dark brown mascara can give your brows the perfect tint. Another way to make your own brow filler is by mixing a matte brown eyeshadow with some contact lens solution and applying on your brows to get a natural finish. 

natural eyebrow shapes brunette woman

3. Do your brows at the end 

At what step in your makeup routine do you usually do your brows? Is it at the start, somewhere in between or at the end? One of the eyebrow hacks is to keep this as the last step. It will help you decide what kind of brows will go with the look you are sporting for the day. A no-makeup makeup look demands something soft and subtle whereas an experimental or bold look requires fuller brows.

natural eyebrow shapes concealer

4. Apply concealer 

How to shape eyebrows naturally without plucking? Try a trick that most women know but seldom use, and this is outlining your brows with concealer. Doing this adds definition to your look, conceals and corrects mistakes if any. So if you want to draw attention to your brows and make them stand out, use this technique.

natural eyebrow shapes

5. Fix your eyebrows 

How to shape your eyebrows naturally without lamination, if your brows are too thin or over-plucked, but you still want to achieve that fluffy effect? Use an eyebrow product with fixation properties, and slightly comb your eyebrows up, so they’ll stay like this all day long.  

FAQs about How to Fill Your Brows for a Natural Effect  

How to shape eyebrows at home naturally without fixation product? 

How to shape eyebrows naturally at home without any special fixation product? You can use a small amount of soap on the toothbrush, apply a hair gel or hair fixation spray on your eyebrows, or try to make DIY eyebrow gel from gelatin. 

How to grow thicker eyebrows? 

To make your everyday makeup routine easier, you probably may be dreaming about making your eyebrows thicker. No one said it’s very fast and simple, but there are some ways of how to grow thicker eyebrows, that you can check and try. 

How to make your eyebrows grow faster? 

Can’t wait to grow your over-plucked eyebrows? We totally understand that, and suggest 5 natural hacks to get your eyebrows to grow faster

Hope now you found all the best ways of natural eyebrow shapes filling in your everyday makeup. If you liked the article, share it with your friend, and discover more makeup hacks and tutorials.