From The ‘50S To Now: Makeup Trends That Must Make A Comeback

Written by Nida SayyedJul 15, 2022
 From the ‘50s to now: Makeup trends that must make a comeback

Ten years might not seem like a long time, but looking back at a decade in the world of beauty will make you realise how much has changed over time. With these constantly evolving makeup fads, many of the greatest trends have been buried or, worse, settled to become Halloween costumes. Today we’re listing down some of the best makeup trends over the past six decades that need to make a comeback!


01. ‘50s Classic wing

‘2010s Bushy eyebrows

We love the fox eye trend with a soft brown eyeshadow. The dainty flick with an upswept effect is surely flattering on most people, but there’s something about a classic winged eyeliner that is so glamorous! A jet black eyeliner with a feline flick is enough to make me feel fierce. It looks great on everyone. If we had to pick one trend from the ’50s, it has to be the evergreen winged eyeliner. 

Our favourite weapon to create sharp and gorgeous wings is the Lakmé Eyeconic Liner Pen Fine Tip in Deep Black. The thin nib of the eyeliner makes it super easy to create crisp lines. The formula also lasts for hours without smudging or flaking!

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02. ’60s-’70s Pastel cut-crease

‘2010s Bushy eyebrows

Since we’ve accepted cut-crease again, can we please bring back pastel cut-crease from the ’60s and ’70s? Hues like baby pink, blue and white all over the lids were seen in magazines covers. Matte eyeshadows in pale colours were loved! Twiggy, Brigitte Bardot and all the iconic names in Hollywood and the fashion industry sported this look throughout the two decades. With pastels from Y2K making a comeback, it’s time we bring back pastel cut-crease. Paired with dramatic eyelashes from that decade, this look is irresistible!

Image courtesy: Aleenah Antonette Spencer


03. ‘80s Bold colour

‘2010s Bushy eyebrows

The 80s were probably the most electrifying years for beauty. Neon colours were all the rage. More was more and less was a bore. Women rocked vibrant eyeshadows and went heavy with the blush, and it all looked like a delightful time. After the nude makeup hype in recent years, we need to bring back experimenting with colours and taking risks with makeup. Time to get back the ‘80s pizazz with shocking blushes, bold eyeshadows and bright lipsticks!

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04. ‘90s Brown lipstick

‘2010s Bushy eyebrows

After the dynamic ’80s, the ’90s were shockingly more about minimalism. Makeup looks were pretty muted, with a few grunge looks here and there on the red carpets. But one thing that was a staple of the decade and really made a mark on the beauty industry was brown lipstick. Models and actresses rocked brown lipstick almost all the time, and it looked so sophisticated. We truly wish the classic 90’s brown lip makes a comeback soon. No ombre or metallic sheen on top, just a simple matte brown lip! Moreover, this gives us severe Rachel Greene vibes.

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05. ‘2010s Bushy eyebrows

‘2010s Bushy eyebrows

The ‘2010s were all about them thick, bushy eyebrows. After two decades of skinny and overplucked eyebrows, Cara Delevingne pioneered the bushy brow trend and changed the game. Soon, it was all about full brows. Bushy, natural brows add a youthful touch to the face, and we’re waiting for them to make a comeback. With feathery, barely touched brows dominating the brow world, we can expect this to return soon.

Image courtesy: Cara Delevigne

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